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I can’t remember the last time I wrote a post on an affiliate like this, but I’m doing it this time around because, well, it’s fun stuff. And I needed something to get the taste of that other affiliate mess out of my mouth.

Who hasn’t seen those commercials on TV for all that stuff that we look at and say either “that looks like garbage” or “that’s the coolest thing; I need to get that”? Well, it seems there’s a website called As Seen On TV Store, and I just signed up to be an affiliate of theirs because, well, I’ve obviously had some experience buying things from TV, with different outcomes. For instance, I’ll own up to the Shamwow absolutely stinking up the joint. But my wife bought these things called Moving Men that have literally saved our backs because what you do is get them under heavy stuff and then it just glides across rugs and floors. As a matter of fact, we have 3 sets of them; absolutely fantastic purchase.

Of course, this now allows me to talk about some other things we’ve purchased, which I’m linking to in case you want to check it out and maybe buy something. For instance, we also bought a couple of these Mister Steamy things that you put in your dryer, putting some water in them, and they help your clothes not to wrinkle. They work pretty well if you don’t stuff the dryer or don’t leave stuff in there longer than an hour after it’s done. And I don’t know many people left that don’t have at least one Ginsu knife; even Mom has one of these things.

My wife also bought a Ped Egg, which one uses to scrape their feet. Most guys know nothing about this, but as someone who has to now take great care of one’s feet, I’ve used this thing and it’s pretty amazing, and it catches all the dead and dry skin in the egg so you don’t have stuff all over the floor; man, I’m strange sometimes. lol

As Seen On TV Total Pillow

Of course I’d love to talk about the Snuggie, which we both have as well as my mother and grandmother, but of all things they’re totally sold out of those things, so you can’t get that right now. But I can talk about this thing to the left called a Total Pillow, which we have two of and is very relaxing if one is sitting in a chair watching TV; doesn’t work as well sitting at my computer desk, however.

Anyway, they have lots of stuff that we’re used to seeing on TV, and the shipping and handling charges are lower off the website, as well as some of the prices. So, if you like this kind of stuff, go take a look at least. Of course, I’m undecided on if I’m going to tell my wife or not. lol

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  1. Hi Mitch:
    The only thing I can say about Snuggie is that it is for “giants.” I’m 5’1″ and the thing left a “train” for me to drag around. Guess I needed the kiddie size 🙂

    1. Paula, they sell those as well. lol I think I’d like to know what having an oversized Snuggie, or blanket for that matter, would be like. Most things are just a bit small for me, unfortunately.

  2. Cute article, Mitch! I love the part where they say, “Not sold in stores!” If any of those things catches my eye, I usually just end up looking for them in Walmart. That’s always where my kids find me, and then they have to spend 10 minutes trying to convince me that the stuff really doesn’t work as advertised. I’m pretty much a sucker for those sales pitches. As for the Snuggie- I’m still waiting for someone to get me the one with Tom Skilling’s face on it (that weather guy from Chicago). An unhealthy preoccupation I’m sure, but as you said, you don’t always share some things with the spouse.
    Keep up the good work!

    1. Susan, welcome! I don’t know Tom Skilling so I’ll have to take your word for it. And I have seen a few things here and there in other stores, but not all of it. But we’re attracted to this stuff and if people are interested, then why not buy through me, right? 🙂

  3. My favorite as seen on tv item would have to be my magic bullet which I bought from Walmart. I love that darn thing. I make smoothies and iced coffee. It saves me a ton of money because I don’t go to Starbucks or The Smoothie King as much since I can make the same types of drinks at home. Don’t tell your wife, you’ll just wind up with more stuff in the house.

    1. DeAnna, maybe that’s where my wife got the one we have because sometimes things just pop up in the house that I don’t recognize. I’m under way better control than she is. lol

  4. Hi Mitch

    We have something similar here in Oz. And I think heaps of people buy as they have ads on all the time, especially during daytime tv.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    1. Pat, I’ve assumed they have something like this everywhere, and it makes a lot of sense to do.

  5. Over a mountain and through the woods from us, in the tourist Mecca of Sevierville there is a giant As Seen on TV store. I can’t say I’ve ever been in there. But back when I used to watch television I recall seeing some of those commercials. Sometimes I’d actually think, “Hey; that’s a great idea” and when they’d get to the price, it seemed reasonable and I was actually tempted to send for it. But then they’d launch into, “But wait! If you order now we’ll throw in one of these, and two of those and a half-dozen of these things. All for the low, low price of $14.95!” Skepticism set in.

    And then came the capper: “And if you order in the next ten minutes we’ll DOUBLE your order; that’s [reads list] all for $14.95! (plus shipping and handling paid separately on each item ordered). That’s when I changed the channel.

    I have heard horror stories about people who placed the order and were shocked at the amount of shipping billed to their card that was never disclosed before hand.

    I think if I were to order something, I’d tell the order taker to skip all the extra stuff that I didn’t really want anyway, just send me one Super-Duper Garden Weasel. 🙂

    By the way… my Mom ordered one of those Garden Weasels years ago and we still have (and use) it today; it’s actually a pretty useful tool. And those Moving Men things are indeed wonderful gadgets. So, I don’t mean to ‘dis” all the products, just the sales tactic they used in the TV commercials.

    1. See Allan, you knew that some of that stuff was pretty good. I still remember back in the 80’s one year my parents and I had a Ronco Christmas, although none of us knew we’d be buying each other that stuff. Most of it didn’t last beyond two weeks because everything was made out of plastic, but one thing, an air purifier, lasted a couple of years. Some of the stuff is really good, some junk, but it’s always kind of compelling.

  6. tv shopping is a convenient way to shop. the advantage is you will know how to use the products that you want to avail.

  7. Quite interesting affiliate program. I think I am going to join. Really interesting items, I guess that conversion will be very high.

    1. We’ll find out, Carl; I just want to see how many people might at least go visit the site through my link.

  8. We have a big “As Seen On TV” section in my Walgreens. Those items seem to be total hits or total misses. Some of the things we’ve got, like my Magic Mop, I just love. Other things, like the hi-def sunglasses, have been a disappointment. I refuse to buy a Snuggie. 🙂

    1. Jessica, you can rest your heart in knowing that I didn’t buy the Snuggie either. My wife surprised everyone by buying all of us one for Christmas 2 years ago. Overall, they are hit or miss items, yet they’re all still better than the stuff we used to get on the back of comic books. lol

  9. Good luck with your journey! I started promoting As Seen On TV merchandise about a year ago and I love it! (Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have a huge passion for the merchandise like I do!)

    1. Thanks Amy. I probably have to figure out how to promote it better, as I do with everything else.

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