Archie Got Married! Or Did He?

Back in May I wrote a post titled Archie’s Picking A Bride. It was about the comic strip character named Archie Andrews finally deciding, after 70 years, to get married to one of his long time girlfriends.

We later learned that he had chosen Veronica, the spoiled rich girl, as the one he was going to marry, breaking the hearts of, it seems, nearly 80% of Archie readers who have always favored Betty (and a very small group who wanted him to marry Jughead; comic book readers have to have a sense of humor after all). And, as you see in the picture there, they really did get married.

Or did they? It seems that, in a very short time period, Veronica gets pregnant, has twins, and Archie is working for her father. And just as suddenly, we see Archie back at Riverdale High, and now he’s contemplating marrying Betty instead.

Yup, as I predicted in my original post, it was a dream sequence. Archie is still in high school, and he’s contemplating his future. Turns out the comic book signifying the proposal from Archie to Veronica was the first of a six story arc where Archie is thinking about what his future might be like, and he’s starting with thoughts about marrying either Betty or Veronica. The story editors are saying that at the end of the six story arc there will be a resolution of some kind, but of course they’re being close mouthed about the whole thing.

It also turns out that this was one brilliant piece of marketing. Upon release of comic book #600, they sold more than 54,000 copies; seems they were averaging around 2,500 copies before that. That doesn’t include the number they sell in grocery stores.

How slick, and what a boost. There’s talk of another cartoon on TV, and the possibility of an Archie movie. I guess many of us are still wondering what it is about Archie and the gang that still compels us to care, whether we see the comic books on a regular basis or not. For me, it’s that I grew up with hmi and his friends. I bought all of their albums; I’m not proud, but I’m not as ashamed as I once was. Sugar Sugar did go to number one after all, and it was a great song. And, if they can not only make two Scooby Doo movies and now a new TV series, why not Archie?

How will all of this resolve? Any bets on it? No predictions coming from me again; I’m going to wait to see what happens.

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    1. Man, wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing, Sire. Marketing would be easy then, because we’d just pay someone else to do it for us.

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