Affiliate Programs I’m Connected With – Part Six, The Finale

Here we are at the end of this particular journey. Just so you know, there have been other programs I’ve been a part of that have either gone away or just aren’t worth mentioning for one reason or another. There could have been another 6 I might have talked about if I wanted to go in a different direction, but I don’t. Anyway, here’s the recap links first before we move on: part one, part two, part three, part four and part five.

Paul Myers’ Talkbiz News is a internet marketing newsletter I’ve been reading for years. I love reading it, and some of his articles have really made an impact on my thinking, including tone that’s a part of the image on this post. Two years ago he came up with an affiliate program to market both his newsletter and many products he’s created, and I signed up immediately.

To date I’ve made no money on it, but that’s probably more my problem than his. I’ve talked about the newsletter often enough, but not talked about his products all that much. He’s been around for a good while, though, and he’s not one of those guys that just pounds you with newsletters if he doesn’t have something to say.

Being In Heaven is a motivational movie that talks about the Laws of Attraction in kind of a different way. I actually wrote a review about it earlier this year. Obviously I signed up for the program before buying the movie since it hadn’t been released yet, but I received one of the earliest copies. I’ve sold 2 movies through their affiliate program, one of those purchases being mine (that’s one of the beauties of being with affiliate programs; you’re allowed to buy from yourself and thus make money while you’re spending money), as I was running their banner ad on a sidebar of this blog for awhile. The best thing about them is there’s no minimum for receiving your payment; if you make a sale, you get paid for it the next money, and it’s a 40% commission.

The final affiliate program to talk about isn’t quite an affiliate program, but since you can potentially make money from it I’m counting it. I wrote a post in April about making your blog available for Kindle. If you look to the right you’ll see my little advertisement for it. If people subscribe to your blog you earn money. I wondered whether anyone would subscribe to read a blog through their Kindle, since I don’t have one, but signed up this blog and my business blog anyway. And someone has subscribed to my business blog, last month it seems, and thus I made a whopping 30 cents. That’s not much, but I felt honored that someone would think enough about any of my blogs to pay to read them. I got the idea from Allan Douglas, so I thank him for it and hope he’s made money from it as well.

And there you are, all the affiliate programs I’ve tried, reviewed, and have now put in one place. I may turn this into a page since it actually ends up being a series so others can see them all at once, although they can just read this post and follow all the links that way. I hope you’ve enjoyed it, and even if you haven’t, I bet you’d still have to say you haven’t seen anyone else write something like this. 🙂

11 thoughts on “Affiliate Programs I’m Connected With – Part Six, The Finale”

  1. Hi Mitch, I signed up for TalkBiz News, which is free as you know. I also received a free copy of the “Need to Know” manual and the goal getting guide. I’m looking forward to reading it all. I haven’t received my first issue of Talkbiz News yet but I’ll be sure to read it when it’s delivered.

    I’m curious how you make money if everything is free?

    1. I guess I make money through all the other stuff he promotes. For instance, if you click on the image in this post it’ll take you to one of his products, which isn’t free. And if you bought it I’d earn 50%. That’s where you make the extra money, through the affiliate link. What I’m not sure of is if you sign up for the newsletter through my link, then later on buy something if I get any credit for it. But I’m not going to overly worry about it.

  2. You have spread a lot of efforts on different affiliate programs, there are some that I have never heard, especially in this part, but what I am talking about, I think I’ve got to sign up for at least 300 new affiliate programs for the latest project.

    1. Carl, I don’t think you have to really go that far with it. You should do something like what I’ve done, pick one, test it for awhile and see what happens. For instance, maybe you sign up for one of the programs I mentioned like Linkshare, which offers tons of different affiliates with lots of different programs, and see how they do things first.

      1. To some extends you are right, there are some big network, but there will be hosting reviews, software reviews, service reviews, if I don’t potential traffic to this pages wont be monetized. Transferring website to another server today, the old one could not carry the traffic and the script is heavy.

      2. Sometimes you have to do that. And you’re right, there will be lots of reviews, but there’s nothing saying you have to do them all, right?

      3. Carl, if you only have positive reviews,then there’s no real honesty there. As you’ve seen, I give both on this blog, though I tend to like more stuff than I hate. Well, except for some of these affiliate programs. lol

  3. Will definitely check out Talkbiz News. That would be a very helpful resource for me. Thanks for sharing the link, Mitch!

  4. Hi Mitch,

    While I was reading your post, I was wondering if you had made any money off of Paul’s info…and then you answered my question.

    Personally, I have found the secret to MMO to be the selling of shovels at a gold rush…per se.

    I.E. the selling of tools the advance the interests of the buyer.

    Is there any other way???


    1. You’re probably right, Mark, but it’s a rough game trying to figure out just what people want and might be ready to buy. I’m not a list guy, but it’s something that one of these days I just might have to put together so I then have a market I’m allowed to advertise to. Either that or integrate it here and there into my blog posts. Notice that for most of this series of posts I didn’t pop an affiliate link in; a true internet marketer would have been appalled by that. lol

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