Adbusters; What The Hey?

I always figure I’m in trouble when I don’t understand something, go to research it, and still come away scratching my head. That’s the story with an organization and website I just discovered called Adbusters.

Adbusters is an organization that says it’s anti-consumerist. I had no idea what that meant so I went to Wikipedia and it said this: “Anti-consumerism refers to the socio-political movement against the equating of personal happiness with consumption and the purchase of material possessions.” Uhhh, isn’t that communism, or am I just simplifying it?

No matter. That’s what the group is against, and their website… well, I haven’t quite figured it out, I must admit. It actually looks like it might be a lot of fun if it didn’t make me have to think quite so much, and I usually love thinking. It’s almost as if it’s working too hard to be funny or clever; I don’t quite get it. Having said that, I did kind of like this image I found; click on it if you’d like to see it larger:

As I said, I don’t get the group, and I don’t get the website. It quotes people like Flaubert (major league pervert & nasty guy who got lucky to write one famous book) and Solzhenitsyn (Nobel Prize winner for literature who told it like it was about the USSR back then, before being deported), seems to campaign against capitalism and the rights of people to own things while asking people for donations; seems there’s something to needing money to fund one’s weird thoughts. They have both a magazine and a newsletter, and they sell the magazine; that would seem to go against their principles as well. They have some videos that highlight things they don’t like, a blog, and something they call Spoof Ads; I only found one of them funny. And they hide their PR and Alexa rank; at least they tried, as I found their Alexa rank sitting around 67,000, and they have a bounce rate of 81%; seems I’m not the only one who doesn’t get it.

You know what; just take a look at the site and let me know what you think. I’m not quite sure why it’s bothering me, but it is. I’d like to know if you can figure out why, because frankly I’m stumped.

By the way, I’ve watched the movie below 8 times since I bought it Saturday, and I’d seen it twice at the theaters; buy this! 🙂

How To Train Your Dragon

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10 thoughts on “Adbusters; What The Hey?”

  1. There is a group against everything isn’t there. Makes you wonder if there is a group protesting groups? Got you thinking didn’t I? ha ha I want to see that Dragon movie..looks cute. I love when they can make a kids movie that is interesting for adults too. That’s on my family movie night list.

    1. Melinda, I’ve now seen it 9 times, and it just works on all levels for me. As for the groups protesting groups, now that would be intriguing!

  2. I just sent them this email:

    “Your organization seems to have a problem with everything. You’re against capitalism and the free-market system, yet you want people to give you money and subscribe to your publications. How exactly do you all get around? How do you get to your protests and demonstrations? Do you really not drive in cars, ride on buses, or fly in airplanes? You want people to print labels to slap onto parking meters. Doesn’t that require buying sheets of stickers, and printers, and ink? How do you produce your magazines? Don’t you buy paper, and don’t those printing presses run on electricity? Do you not buy food to eat or fuel to heat your homes?

    My guess is that you’re all spoiled brats who grew up in Scarsdale or Berkeley or Greenwich, were given everything by your affluent parents, then got bored and decided to rebel against any individual or company that has actually succeeded at something. The truth is, you’re not for anything.

    If, as you say, “the secret of life is to have no fear,” then I have no fear in calling you a bunch of hypocrites.”

    Charles Gulotta

    1. That’s funny Charles; you’ll have to let me know how they respond, if they do. I always wonder just what kind of system someone wants if it’s not capitalist. Every other system and government out there eventually reverts to capitalism because people who have means want stuff; that’s just how it is. And they don’t want the same ol’ stuff everyone else has, they want better stuff. And to hate on everything… nope, just don’t get that.

  3. So Mitch I checked out the site for 2 minutes and it’s too busy for me. By looking at the picture you have above stating organized crime and showing logos of major corporations, including my favorite Walmart, I really don’t know what to make of it. We live in a society of buying, selling, trading; goods, services. I can understand wanting to protect others from the inferiority of these things but just like no person is perfect, neither is any company or the goods and services they have to offer.

    1. True Karen. It really is busy, and it’s a site and concept oddly strange and hard to understand. I just like the visual of the image I put up, the colors and all; didn’t dig deep into the rest of it.

  4. Whatever they are doing and what does it mean, the website looks very clean. I also don’t know what is about this concept.

  5. Yeah! They sounds like a communist…only at a smaller scale. :/

    I love how to train your dragon too. Touching story between a human and a reptile. I mean dragon. 😀

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