Acknowledging A Nice Thing

Well how about this? Most people probably don’t pay attention here because I have the ads so low, but over there to the left a bit lower I have my book Embrace The Lead and my cd set Keys To Leadership.

If you’ve noticed those there before you’re probably seeing something different than you have in the past. I have new logos for each, courtesy of a reader and friend named Vernessa Taylor of CoachNotes Blog. As part of her “just being nice” process for the end of the year she contacted me and asked if I would mind if she created some logo images for me for those two items. Understanding that my creative mind doesn’t work that way, I immediately accepted, and these were some of the designs she came up with, which I’m running with.

Of course I loved them all, including the image I’ve put onto this post, but the thing I really love about the one I’m keeping permanently on the left for the book is that shadow reflecting thing; man, I couldn’t have done anything like that in a million years.

This is my way of thanking Vernessa and bringing her to your attention. It also shows that there are a lot of nice people online. If you like reading some of the things I talk about here you’ll love reading her blog as well, as she talks about some of the same things. Thanks Vernessa; the best to you!

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46 thoughts on “Acknowledging A Nice Thing”

  1. Well how bout that? Looks like there are some very nice people out there floating around in internet space. I also have had wonderful experiences with Mrs. Vernessa and agree with you Mr. Mitchell, her blog is certainly worth taking a look at. I enjoyed your post and will be dropping by more often to check out your blog.

  2. Cool, Mitch. I don’t think I noticed before but now with the new look, I don’t see how anyone could miss it.

    Great job, Vernessa! And, of course, you too – Mitch.

    1. She did great stuff for me, and she deserves to be recognized for it. And it seems she’s got lots of good friends already. 🙂

  3. I’ve seen some of Vernessa Taylor’s work and it is so well done and very appealing! I’m so glad you chose to keep the work she did for the cover of your book. Great article and look forward to hearing more from you!

      1. I’ve looked through your blog and it seems like a place to come more often and to interact with you. How long have you been in this business? As your expertise seems a pretty big one 🙂

      2. Didn’t you think about improving something here, like

        1 – the comment box is wider than the content box when you start commenting

        2 – the top banner seems a little too colorful and amateur like.

        3 – those ebooks/books have white background, why not change its color to the general background? …

      3. Radu, someone took a lot of time to create those things for me, and I happen to like them. I also like everything else about this blog. I acknowledge it’s not for everyone. Then again, the same could be said for your blog, which has both a pop-up before anyone can read your content and Disqus. So, it seems no one is perfect.

      4. Wow, I think this is the lowest feedback reply I’ve received in a while. I was trying to help you out, no bad aspects intended. I didn’t want it to sound like I was the Design Guru or whatsoever. I thought you may find it helpful, but I guess people just get it wrong sometimes. You don’t need to be so agressive, really now.

        As for the pop up, you can see it on blogs with thousands of daily visits. I reckong it may not be an orthodox method and I’m thinking about removing it, or not.

        At least, I’m facing the feedback and accusing people.

        Sorry for upsetting you. Have a nice day.

      5. At least, I’m facing the feedback and NOT accusing people.

        typo error.

        and another thing, the subscription box is actually an error i think.

      6. Beg your pardon, but I didn’t insult anyone.

        I gave an advice on improvement, not on the person who created the design. Grown-up people with mature ways of thinking know how to take a suggestion, or that is what I thought.

        When time is such a valuable thing, I took some time actually to advise what you should improve because I LIKED what I SAW. If I didn’t, I would have left the website and mind my business.

        As for the first message, indeed, it may have appeared a little spammy, guilty as charged. But I also get a lot of short comments, but I don’t call them spammers, only if those are repeating 🙂

        And, you are right about the feedback, you didn’t request for it. My bad. I will learn this lesson, I even thank you for that.

        But say that I INSULTED someone is just too much 😉

      7. See it your way then; we’re at an impasse. That’s okay; not everyone will agree with me. And I didn’t call you a spammer; I just called out the comment, and still responded to your message. I’m an open book here; almost 950 posts in just over 3 years. See how I talk to people in general; maybe there’s a lesson there somewhere. But I’m not everyone’s cup of tea; so be it.

      8. Radu, you insulted someone who did a nice thing for me that I was thanking on this post. I was aggressive because I thought your comment was mean spirited towards her, and I don’t support anyone being mean to guests on my blog, or people I’m supporting. She deserves an apology for that.

        I returned your first comment, which was almost kind of spammy because it didn’t even address what the article was about, and everything was blacked out except for the advertisement; that’s not quite visitor friendly from where I sit. So I mentioned it to you here, and you reacted pretty much the way I reacted to your insulting the person who helped me out; if you can’t take it don’t push it out.

        Finally, even if you were trying to be helpful, I don’t remember asking for it in this post. Whenever one gives unsolicited advice, one never knows how the reaction is going to be received. If I ask for it & don’t like what I get back, then it’s on me because I asked. Sure, I offer my opinion on blogs, but I always stay on the topic at hand. Based on the topic you wrote about, I’m assuming you’d think that would be a good thing.

        Overall I’m fairly easy to get along with, but there are things I’m not going to be so nice about. Vernessa was being honored on this post; she will continue to receive honors because she did something nice, and I like it. And at that level, I’m the only one who has to like it in general, but others liked it as well. So, she still deserves an apology for hijacking what was a very nice tribute in my mind.

  4. Hey Mitch!

    What a lovely surprise and such kind words. 😀 Thanks for the kudos and link luv. I just want to note that I was in a creative mood and it was my pleasure to create some covers for your excellent management series.

    And your commenters will forgive me if I do a shameless plug for both the book and CD. I’ve just started reading it but I already know I will be richer for the strategies you share.

    Once again, many thanks!

      1. It’s a great read. I’m having a hard time putting it down because it just “flows,” something you don’t get too often in a book on management.

  5. @Maria @Kala Hey Guys, thanks a bunch for dropping by and showing some love. Mitch’s writings are right down your ally, too.

    @Kissie – Appreciate the kind words. Gotta drop by your blog to see what’s shakin’. 🙂

  6. Hi Mitch

    Great graphics and well done Vernessa. She is very talented lady. I have visited her blog and she is very helpful with the advice she gives.

    So glad this has been done for you Mitch. You give so much to the blogging community. Nice to be on the receiving end.

    I have found that as I interact with those I am connecting with that we are all supporting one another.

    One of my blogging buddies is doing some techie stuff for me right now and I am going to use my writing skills to help them out. Collaborating and getting it all done. Sweet.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    1. It is sweet, Pat, and I guess that’s what makes the world go around as well. Just this week I’ve had two people send me free copies of their books as well, on the topic of leadership and management. It’s an interesting world, that’s for sure.

  7. About a couple of months ago, I’ve created a blog with my coaching tips, in the beginning it stated well, but I screwed up expanding the niche, including time management, stress management and motivation. I believe everything is relevant, but probably I don’t have enough time to complete develop it. Another reason, I am self employed and probably I’m loosing the pace of offline relationship and concentrate too much on online things.

  8. And it is still a lovely tribute and a beautiful Friday, to boot.

    Mitch, I adjusted your images so they have the transparent attribute and you can use them as you wish on white, colored, and psychedelic backgrounds. Zipped them over to you. 😀

    I’m not overly insulted, I’m pretty thick-skinned to the chagrin of most of my friends. 🙂

    @Radu – Thanks for weighing in … The lesson here? There’s a time and place for everything, and contact forms work wonders for some things.

    Thanks for all the great comments!

    1. The contact form doesn’t work actually or I shouldn’t say this also? Because it is not related to the post? 🙂 Vernessa, I meant no insult to you, whatsoever!

      I was quickly going through some blogs and leaving feedback. People don’t mind when they receive some feedback. But, Mitch was right, he didn’t ask for it, so I’m guilty as charged here.

      The lesson for me is that I shouldn treat all blogs the same way I do sometimes. And I am grateful for this lesson.

      Again, sorry if this hurted you in some way.

      1. Hey Radu, HaHa – Nope, not hurt at all. Every challenge makes me step up my game. 🙂 Take care.

    2. I love how this is coming to full circle and Vernessa, I like how you handled that … a sista is a sista wherever she is. 😉

    3. Well Vernessa, you at least now know that I’ll always have your back; it’s what I do.

      1. Oh, I’ve been sitting here in the cut … watching (up close) closely. I knew it would all work out. Everyone was JUST SHARING. 🙂

  9. Mitch, let me reply in Romanian and don’t close the comment

    Pentru Shuttle Service Romania – sa extinzi o afacere online prin spam nu este nici intr un caz cea mai buna solutie 😉

  10. What an interesting run of comments you got today Mitch. Overall I think everyone came out a little wiser. Tempers didn’t go over the top and that’s a good thing.

    Loved the new logo, Vanessa sure has a lot of talent. Now you have a professional cover to go with your eBook.

    1. It was an interesting process, Sire. And yes, the cover she gave me definitely enhances everything. Too bad it would cost me way too much money to redo the physical book in the same way.

  11. I’ve been trying to give credit at work to people when they do nice things but I’m just a bit annoyed right now that people at work aren’t giving credit… It’s just frustrating when you try to provide people a chance to get increased visibility and they exclude you from things

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