A List Of Affiliate Networks

While needing to write a post to test whether I’m going to have a gravatar show up or not, I came upon this post on a blog called Traffikd titled 23 Affiliate Networks For Monetizing Your Website.

It’s a pretty good list, I have to say. I belong to the first two mentioned, Commission Junction and Clickbank, and I’d also signed up with Clickbooth a very long time ago, but have never been back; guess I should see if I still have the password for them.

Anyway, the name of the game is selling product, and these folks have stuff ready to go, whether it’s just banner ads or actual products. I exhibit some of both on this blog, especially something at the end of each post. But I share the above for your perusal.

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9 thoughts on “A List Of Affiliate Networks”

  1. OK, I’m a member of Commission Juction, Pepperjam, ClixGalore and Jumbo Affiliates. The last two have made me the most money. the fist two….zip.

  2. I find that I make the most money from PPC ads as I get paid for every click. The other ads generate the clicks but no sales and unfortunately you need the sales to get your commission.

    1. I’ll have to look deeper into the PPC ads, Sire. Truthfully, I did sign up for Text Ads, I mentioned once before, but they’ve never put anything on my site so I’m going to delete the plugin.

      1. Mitch, my best performer is ClixGalore. They offer a range including PPC, but at the moment it’s only 1-2 cents per click, but some were as high as 40 cents.

        They pay via paypal and although I have two members under me, they haven’t earned anything as of yet.

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