8 Of The Top Black Individual Blogs

Last week our friend Kristi had a post on her blog titled 125 Fearless Female Bloggers. I thought it was a pretty neat list, and I decided I wanted to do something like that for black bloggers.

Of course, because I was doing it, the thing wasn’t going to be easy. I had to decide on my criteria. I came up with these rules for myself:

* had to be an individual blog

* had to be a self hosted blog

* couldn’t be an entertainment blog

* must have lots of newer content

* had to be ranked under 200,000 on Alexa

That last one almost proved to be my undoing. Turns out there aren’t a lot of black blogs out there under 200,000 that fit the criteria. Most of the blogs that do are entertainment blogs. I excluded them because most of the content on those blogs isn’t original content. That doesn’t make them bad, but it just didn’t work for what I wanted to do. And I will acknowledge that some blogs are high because they’re attached to a person’s website; that’s not a disqualifier in my book, just a smart business move.

I know most of the blogs I’m going to talk about, but I have to admit that I then had to go do some research. And I have to admit that I’m somewhat at a loss on how other folks ranked blogs when they did similar posts. One guy had to stop because he was going off Technorati for years, then they changed their algorithm. I’m not really trusting Technorati right now because this blog’s been growing in numbers in many ways, yet Technorati has dropped my rank to around 125 from 494 earlier in the year, and raised my business blog to around 425 with way fewer visitors.

Some other ranking blogs decided to rate people based on… well, there you go; I’m not quite sure. Maybe it was feeds, maybe it was how “black” they were on their blogs… I just have no clue. So I had to determine a standard, and there you go; no matter what people think about Alexa, it still is a more viable tool than many others I’ve found.

Why was I compelled to do something like this? Because when it comes to numbers, there really aren’t a lot of black bloggers comparatively. And there certainly aren’t a lot with clout. Sure, some have influence, but probably one of the famous names in the group is Marc Lamont Hill, who some people might know because he’s been on TV a lot, and his blog only comes in around 250,000; not bad, but outside my criteria.

And there’s the preamble; now on to the list, which is 8 only because I couldn’t find two more in about 2 hours worth of research; that’s a shame.

8. Attraction Marketing Online – 141,107 – Mavis Nong writes this blog, and it’s pretty much along the lines of the types of things I sometimes write about here. It’s mainly about marketing, but she also talks about plugins and blogging and the like.

7. How To Split An Atom – 123,399 – Steve Spalding is the creator of this blog, and he talks about all sorts of things like blogging, politics and social commentary.

6. Evelyn Parham – 113,692 – Evelyn talks about health issues, healthy living, natural products and vegan stuff; I like it, but I never going to be a vegan! 🙂

5. Afrobella – 112,099 – her real name is Patrice Yursik, and she talks about black hair care and beauty products for the most part. I doubt most of you would benefit from this, but a few of you might enjoy some of what she writes about.

4. Oliver Willis – 84,301 – Oliver’s blog is definitely political, and he has multiple posts a day on the topic. Some are very short, links to other posts, some are videos, and some is commentary; my man is definitely passionate!

3. Biz Chick Blogs – 79,341 – Tia Peterson’s blog is one of my new favorites because she covers mainly topics about blogging and writing. She’s also a go-getter, writing on a couple other networks.

2. Basic Blog Tips – 55,483 – I don’t know her last name, but I see Ileane everywhere. She’s well respected and well liked, and man does she offer lots of tips on blogging, which makes sense based on the name of the blog.

1. 2 Create A Website – 6,477 – I have to admit this is a new one for me. Lisa Irby is a webmaster for many sites who writes on blogging, websites, traffic… basically internet stuff and ideas. And even though most of the time I think it’s kind of a joke, hers is the only blog on this list with a PR of 5 (heck, Ms. Ileane’s blog is a PR 0 like mine; come on now!).

And there you have it. Please visit these blogs, and if you see something you like make a comment and let them know I sent you.

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27 thoughts on “8 Of The Top Black Individual Blogs”

  1. Great post, Mitch. Thanks for taking the time to do the research. As most of the sites are authored by African-Americans but not targeting an African-American niche, what list(s) or resources did you use as a basis for discovering what blogs were run by black bloggers?

    1. Iceman, I just went searching for them. I started with previous lists that used other criteria, went through blogs I knew about and just kept up a search. It took me almost 3 hours just to come up with these 8; there were lots of others that were group or gossip blogs, where the content came from elsewhere. I’m thinking 3 hours and this was the best I could find, but these folks are worthy. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Wow, I knew Alexa Rank would be good for something one day! I keep telling Lisa that I’m gaining on her, but as you can see I have a long way to go 🙂 Thanks for putting this list together, and introducing me to some bloggers of color. btw – the last name is Smith.

    Thanks again, you made my day.

    1. Glad to showcase you, Ileane. You have an impressive Alexa number, and thus you’re one of the people I’m shooting for. 😉

  3. Are the rankings just comparative numbers, or do they mean something specifically? (I did do a search to see if you’d posted about Alexa before, but it brought me right back to this one.)

    1. Charles, you must have missed my post about Alexa some time ago: http://www.imjustsharing.com/is-alexa-relevant-again/. Alexa measures traffic, plain and simple. If you’re ranked high, which of course means your number is lower, it means you’re getting lots of traffic and thus your site is prominent on the web. Some people discount is because Alexa has this toolbar that, if you run it, helps them refine their rankings somewhat. However, if you don’t use it, and your website still ranks nicely, you can pretty much figure you’re doing a good job.

  4. Mitch,

    I’m very disappointed to discover that you don’t respect me as a blogger. I have been blogging since 2006 and although my blogs may not interest you and have the Alexa rankings you mentioned, I can assure you they are read and contain very useful information for baby boomers and others.

    The fact that you never post on my blog unless I come and post on yours should’ve been my first clue.

    I will be announcing the Top 50 and Fabulous Bloggers next week.

    1. Beverly, I respect you as a blogger. I read your stuff when you post; I have it in my reader. This post was only for those folks whose blogs were ranked high, as I said at the top. There’s a lot of folks who didn’t make it since it was only based on rankings. I’m sorry if it hurt your feelings.

  5. Good resource Mitch, to be honest, I have never visit any of this blogs before. Finding a good blogs is difficult, as the authors usually just think to make some quick cash and leaving it after a while as most authors do not see the whole picture of internet related business.

    1. Truthfully Carl, I wouldn’t have ever expected you to have visited most of those blogs, which is why I was glad to have the opportunity to highlight them. Of course, based on their rankings they certainly don’t need my help.

  6. Hi Mitch!

    I had no idea about several of these. Ileane’s is one that I read often. I’ve heard about 2 Create a Website but didn’t know that she had a blog, also.

    Thanks for including BizChickBlogs on this list! Next year it may not fit the criteria, as in January, it’s changing to a full digital magazine for women and although I’ll be editor-in-chief it will not be an “individual blog” any longer. However, here’s to hoping for great traffic!

    This is a nice tribute. If you weren’t so nice, you could have stuck yourself in there, too. 🙂

    Have a good Sunday,

    1. Tia, I kept looking at your blog thinking it looked like it might be looking more like a group blog, so now it all makes sense. You got it ranked well on your own, though, so you deserve the accolades.

  7. Hi Mitch

    I visit Ileane, Tia and Evelyn’s blogs regularly. All excellent sites where I learn heaps. Great idea you had and introduces us to bloggers we may not have visited before. Thanks.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    1. Glad you’ve taken a look, Pat. Thing is, there are blogs all over that might not get much notice, even highly ranked ones, and thus it makes for a good post if you can find them. I wanted specific criteria for this post as well; that made it much harder, but that’s okay.

  8. Mitch,

    You have great lists there.

    I am a regular reader of Illeane, and Lisa, also Tia are wonderful bloggers, though i rarely visit their blogs.

    The others, thanks to introduce them.

  9. Hi Mitch,

    I’m so glad you stopped by, because I would have never known about this AWESOME award. I am truly honored to be ranked among such great bloggers.

    I am familiar with Tia, Ileane, Afrobella, and Lisa, but the other blogs I am not familiar with. I am so glad you shared them, because I will definitely check them out.

    Since you have written this post my Alexa Ranking has gone to 116K it was 99K, but I don’t know what’s going on. I have a PR of 0 too, but I read somewhere that Google hasn’t updated this since April of this year. So I think those sites with PR of 0 are actually higher than that. Who knows?

    I like your blog and your other one too. I have subscribed and look forward to joining your community.

    Thanks again for such a prestigious honor! 🙂

    Take care,

    Evelyn Parham

    P.S. I talk about blogging too. 😉

    1. Evelyn, glad you got to learn about my mentioning your blog. Alexa can be tough to figure out; I certainly know that. But it measures traffic, so if you have Google Analytics it’s possible that it will let you know if your traffic has decreased.

      Anyway, glad to see you here and I hope you enjoy what I have to share. 🙂

  10. Hi Mitch!

    Hey, thanks for mentioning my site here. I promise you this is not a joke (referring to your comment). Been earning a living now for almost 5 years and making money for almost 13. Anywho, appreciate the love.

    I had to laugh @ the part about seeing Ileane everywhere. Yes, that woman is making her mark and knows about all the social networking tools. What a nice lady.

    So great to be in such good company.

    Take care!


    1. Great seeing you here, Lisa. As for the joke thing, since you haven’t read my blog what I consider as a joke is Google PR, not your blog. I’m more impressed with the Alexa ranking, which is why you made this list. I’m glad you finally heard about it, and welcome!

    1. Thanks for sharing it, Greg. Good to have another blog to check out, even if, based on the ranking criteria, it still wouldn’t have made the top 8. Glad to have you on board, though; maybe you’ll make the end of the year list. 🙂

  11. Question:

    Other than Oliver Willis being a “Black man” – could you define for me what makes his blog a “Black blog”?

    Oliver Willis is an employee of “Media Matters”.
    He is merely a Black man running the script that they have.

    * Is there any content on his site SPECIFIC to the Black community and our problems?

    * Though most Black people are “Progressives who are Democrats who are Black” can we conclude that as he fights against the popular enemies of Black people – Republicans- that he is “Fighting FOR Black Interests”?

    * In other words “Anti-Republican IS NOT Synonymous with “Pro-Black”

    * FOR ME – A “Black Blog”

    1) Can articulate what our “Permanent Interests are (Public Safety, Education, Economics)
    2) Sets up a transparent model on how to evaluate these priorities
    3) Goes after people who VIOLATE these priorities
    4) Have special contempt for those who GET OUR VOTE and yet violate these priorities

    In my humble opinion Mr Willis fails this standard massively.

    But again – you have a right to make a prioritized list to your own liking

    1. Greetings CF, and welcome to the community (I changed your name per my Comment Policy). I assume you read my post, and if you did, then you saw the criteria I used to put it together. I based everything on rankings and that they be individual blogs and not group blogs. That’s about it. To me, in the pantheon of all things “blogging”, identifying someone who’s black, regardless of what their topic happens to be or how they say it, was more important to me at the time in putting this brief list together than anything else. As a matter of fact, you could use your argument against the majority of the blogs I listed. But if you use my criteria, these were the only blogs that qualified to make the list.

      That was it; if one’s blog doesn’t have any type of prominence, then they didn’t make the list. I will say this, though, that “we” don’t serve ourselves when we try to hold everyone up to a standard that they’re not trying to attain. Check out my post that kind of talks about it.

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