Do You Turn Comments Off?

Earlier today, I read a blog post that I felt was good enough for me to leave a comment on. The post had only 4 comments, so I figured it couldn’t hurt adding mine to the list. However, I didn’t have any way of getting into the post to leave a comment. Then I realized what had happened.

The blog owner must have her blog set to turn off the option to comment on a post after a predetermined amount of time. It’s an option all of us have that have WordPress blogs; I’m not sure if other blog types offer the same thing.

Why would someone do this? Well, there are a couple of reasons one might think about it.

One, lots of old blog posts are fodder for spam to get in. Some people don’t look at all their responses, and spammers know that, so they set their algorithms to look for older posts within a blog to leave their messages on. For their purposes, a link is a link, and because of age, that post might have gotten some page rank love, which might benefit them.

Two, some folks might get back to those who write them, but suddenly see a response that throws them off because they’re not sure what it’s in reference to. Now, WordPress tells you which post it’s on, and you can take the time to go and read that post before responding, but some people don’t want to go backwards.

In each of those instances, one might decide to turn off comments. However, I’m not one of those people. On my business blog, one of my most active posts is one I wrote more than 2 years ago, and the topic is still relevant to that particular industry. On this blog, one of my top posts was this one on indexing Google Desktop, which I wrote last November. People are still looking for that information, and when they find it, they like to say thanks.

I can’t see why I’d want to disallow anyone to leave a comment on my blog. Maybe it’s because I don’t have thousands of visitors a day, like this particular woman has. I’m not sure, but I know this much. I can’t see me ever turning off comments from anyone who wants to leave one. So please, leave comments as much as you wish to, unless you’re a spammer, and if you have an opinion on this topic, leave an opinion and let us all know what your thoughts are.

Blogs are for interacting with each other; so, let’s interact.

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July Income Report – My Best Month Ever

On the heels of a decline in my June numbers, I’m happy to report a turnaround, of sorts. First, the numbers:

Adsense – $107.27
Commission Junction – $100.42
Paid Advertising – $29.63
Infolinks – $.06
Grand Total – $237.38

Yes, I’m happy with the numbers, which means I’ll be getting a couple more checks than normal, but I know the Commission Junction dollars were a fluke for the month, so I can’t count on that again; at least not yet. None of that came from the new little thing I have there on the right side, my weekly sales, although I know it got some visits in the month.

I’ve made a few changes to the site from last month. I’ve added the webinar to the left, under my ebook, and I’ve talked to my partner Renee and we’re going to reduce the price from now until the end of the year. Basically, we plan on trying to do a lot of these before the end of the year, and if we can generate buzz from the first one, then it’ll all be good. We’re also in the process of creating a survey, which I’ll post here and other places, and I hope many of you take it, as we’ll be offering some kind of freebies that can be downloaded afterwards.

I’ve also temporarily removed Adsense from the site. Not because it made little money, but because, at least when I tried getting onto the site, it seemed to be hanging up a lot this month. I initially removed the Adsense plugin, thinking that was it, but it’s Google itself. Not sure why it’s picking on the blog and not my websites, but so be it. Other than that, everything else is as it was.

And there we go. It would be nice to figure out how to make at least $100 a month from CJ on a more consistent basis, but hey, we all have to start somewhere.

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Do Something Out Of The Ordinary

I always say I write about topics that maybe others have covered, but in a way that hopefully helps me stand out from the crowd. I believe that if I can continue doing that sort of thing that, one day, the masses are going to discover me and think that they just have to tell everyone else about me, and then I’ll achieve all the things I want in life.

Red sails in the. . .
Les Chatfield via Compfight

That may or may not happen, but reality says that doing something out of the ordinary will help you to stand out from the crowd. It works towards making you memorable, and unless it’s a picture where you’ve fallen asleep in the street with your clothes off and a dog urinating on your head, being memorable isn’t such a bad thing.

It’s a strange thing to consider, especially when sometimes just showing up makes me stand out of the ordinary. Being black in a predominantly white town often means I’m the only dark face in the crowd, or maybe one of only a few. Back in the 70’s & 80’s it made the kind of impact where people wanted to meet me. These days, sometimes people go out of their way to act like I’m not there; how does that work?

Nope, being the only minority in the building isn’t enough to make one anything special these days. It takes something more just to get people talking to you. I haven’t mastered this one yet but I understand its importance to my career and social life. At least I think about it often enough.

It’s not just anyone that’s ready to try standing out from the crowd on purpose. It often takes one of two things; confidence or idiocy. Sometimes the lines are blurred. Confidence is writing a book and putting it out to the world saying “look what I did”. Idiocy is putting honey on your genitals, having a friend toss a bunch of fire ants into your underwear and filming the results; that video actually exists on YouTube.

Whichever way one determines to become famous (or infamous), it may or may not work. For all the effort it takes to write a book, lots of people have written books. Not all that many have intentionally had an encounter with fire ants (thank goodness). Yet, which one offers the possibility of long term success and admiration if a break comes?

It’s with that in mind that I offer the video below. This couple not only created a memory that everyone at their wedding will remember forever, but it went viral and has given joy to millions of others on the internet. What will you do to try to stand out from the crowd and be extraordinary today?


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