I’m In The Local Newspaper

Since most of you don’t live in the Syracuse, NY area, you will have missed this, especially because many of you also aren’t following me on Twitter (why not; don’t you see the big blue bird down there on the right?)

Anyway, yours truly made the local newspapers on Friday, but the article actually showed up online last week. I wrote about it on my business blog, in conjunction with some other stuff, but realized that I hadn’t included it here. Anyway, click here to see the brief story, and don’t let the picture scare you; the photographer told me to sit like that. lol It’s a brief story about people who work on maintaining positivity in their lives; I do that, but if you read what I say there, I admit that it’s not a 24/7 thing. It can’t be; if we don’t have down times, we never know what the really good times are. Check it out.

See, I can write short posts. 🙂

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What’s Happened To The Moustache?

To those of you who know, yes, that is a picture of Richard Dreyfuss. Notice the moustache? Well, have you noticed many others lately?

It occurred to me last week that it’s rare in today’s society to see a moustache. I’m not even sure why it hit me to start looking, but from the day I thought about it, I’ve been walking around, looking for people who actually have one.

I’ve noticed a couple of things. One, you don’t see all that many by themselves. You’ll see one with a beard of some type, but not all that often alone.

Two, most of the people who have them are older. By that, I mean people around my age and older. Moustache’s don’t seem to be popular with the young crowd at all.

My wife and I put this to the test this weekend. First, Friday night we went to see the movie Angels And Demons, which was pretty good, but changed a lot of things from the book. We first walked through the mall, and didn’t see a single person with one; that was interesting.

The second thing, of course, was to go into the movie. During the previews, the only person in any of the movies with a moustache was Richard Dreyfuss, which is why I picked him for here. In the movie itself, there was only one character who had a moustache, but he was Italian. Not that it changes lots of things, but I don’t know if my comment fits for countries other than the United States.

Saturday, we went out to our largest mall because we had to pick something up. As we walked, we didn’t see anyone with a moustache. We didn’t see anyone with one while walking around. We did stop for awhile for me to get some ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery, and during the half hour we sat, we saw 3 people walk by with moustaches. Each one of those guys was older than me; two of them were bald.

Sunday, our anniversary, we decided to go out for breakfast. During the hour we were there, only one person came in that had a moustache; once again, he was older than me, and balding on top.

Now, I could be way off, but this is what I’m seeing. I know there are some cultures where moustaches are big, but right now, I can’t think of any. The last thing I remember, though I don’t remember the full details, was someone saying they were thinking about growing a moustache, but didn’t want to look like a porn star. Talk about your old references!

So, tell me, what are you seeing these days? Am I right, or am I just not living in the same places that other people are living in, where it’s more prevalent?

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Creative Content Marketing

First, today is my 12th wedding anniversary, so I give my wife a shout out for that, even though she never reads this blog. Oh well,…

Second, I came across this blog post on Copyblogger via someone on Twitter. It’s called 49 Creative Ways You Can Profit From Content Marketing, and I found it interesting enough that I wanted to comment on it here. Hey, that’s one way to find ideas for blog posts, right?


I tried to figure out how to write about this one without copying any of the things on that site, but I also didn’t want to go through 49 different points and answer each one specifically. So, I thought I’d just pick and choose which ones I thought were the most interesting to comment on; I hope you go to the post and read the entire thing for yourself afterwards, though.

Point #3 is interesting: “Write a special report or white paper that addresses a thorny problem in an interesting way.” It slightly touches on my post about writing for others in that it still means you have to come up with an idea on what to write about, and then decide if you can put together enough words to reach your objective. White papers are interesting because they have no real length that they have to be, but it seems that most of them are at least more than four pages, so you’re not just tossing a few paragraphs together and moving on with business. Still, it’s a pretty good idea if you can first figure out what’s bothering a lot of people, then solve it. If you can’t come up with lots of words, at least you have a blog post.

I’ve been thinking about point #8, “Build a membership web site that is a profitable business in and of itself, for awhile now. Mainly for my business blog, as it pertains to older newsletters I’ve written that my newer subscribers have never seen, and thus have never seen any of the previous newsletters. It’s the only real content of which I have lots of, can always add more to, including audio and video at some point.

Number 11, “Build a Facebook page (separate from your personal profile) that gives you another platform for interaction with your customers“, is something I thought about for a minute, then decided to discard. Most of those types of pages are known as “fan” pages, and they’re created by the person who wants people to be fans of theirs. Just just seems, well, narcissistic to me, so I just can’t do it. Now, if someone wants to take up the mantle and create one for me,…

Number 12, “Compile your best 100 blog posts into a physical book. It worked for Godin, and it can work for you“, is intriguing, because I’ve thought about doing this with some of my old newsletters, and if I go back through some of my blog posts on my business blog, I think they might make a nice little book, as Godin’s books are usually quite short. All about creating products, right?

How many times have Pater and I preached #23, “Your comments on other people’s blogs are content. Treat them that way. Be original, relevant and interesting?” The last time I wrote about it was just over a month ago, in my post Top Three Do’s And Don’ts.

And, of course, this one, #34. “Review everything. Books, blogs, newsletters, tools, physical products, information products“, is a cornerstone of this blog, although more geared towards internet stuff than the others.

Take a look at the other post to see which things you feel are more important than what I’ve posted here.

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Webinar On Excel And Word

Every once in awhile, we all need help with something. In my case, I needed some help with how Microsoft Word and Powerpoint worked. And, it turns out, I also needed a brief bit of help on something in Excel, which I thought I knew fairly well.

The person I went to is named Renee Scherer, and her company name is Presentations Plus. She’s a Microsoft Office trainer, plain and simple. No matter the version, no matter which program, if it’s related to Microsoft and any of it’s office products, she’s the one to go to.

When it came to Powerpoint, I had to give a presentation, which I’m not sure I talked about here, on Celebrating Differences, which was a teleseminar on diversity. They wanted a powerpoint presentation, and I really don’t understand how powerpoint works. I can put text into it, but I can’t make it all stay the same size, I can’t make it move lines in separate ways, and I’m not even sure how the templates thing goes. I contacted Renee about it, and she actually came over and helped me do it.

Then, with Word, which I admit I only know as well as writing things, she showed me how to use Mail Merge, which turned out to work the same way on Publisher, and that’s easily helped me in my marketing, since now I don’t have to keep re-typing all those stupid addresses in either my letters or my envelopes. Man, I wish I’d known how to do that earlier. She keeps trying to teach me how to create tables in Word, but I keep rebelling.

I rebel because I’m more of a whiz in Excel. I don’t know Access, but I can create almost the same kinds of databases in Excel as needed in Access. However, every once in awhile, I have this problem where things just seem to lock up. I asked her about it today at lunch, and she immediately knew what my issue was; I had accidentally hit my “scroll lock” key on my keyboard; I didn’t even know that one still existed in today’s keyboards. I came home, found it, clicked on it once, and things were back to normal.

Anyway, I’ve taken all this time in talking about this because, one, it’s something we all need to know better, probably; two, I’m helping to promote her business because she’s good, and she can work with people anywhere in the world; and three, because she’s putting on a couple of webinars on Word and Excel, the first one called “Bag O’Lists & Tricks”, which is Excel, the second called “Dress Up Documents”, on Word. The first one is in June, running four consecutive weeks; the second in July, running three weeks. They’re not free, but for what she’s teaching, over the course of weeks,if you’re looking to learn more about these two programs, the price is worth it. You can learn more about them by clicking on the link.

Right now, I’m working with her to create little booklets of information to sell off her site, basically tips on how to do things, and the price point will be very affordable, but we’re not there yet. Anyway, I hope you check out her site, and her webinar info. And if you know of anyone who needs help with these programs, or anything else Microsoft Office, let them know about her.

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Viewing Adsense Information Under Google Analytics

By now, many people know, or have heard, that they can track their Adsense impressions and other information under Google Analytics. I set this blog up to track Adsense, and wanted to talk about what I see, and the entire process of setting it up in the first place.

The easiest part was putting the code into the blog. I popped it into the single page php, and off I went. I decided not to check it for about a week, so it would have time to build something up.

Where you go to find the information is under the “content” selection. You’ll see it right off, under “Adsense Performance.”

There are 3 lines. The first one gives you Adsense page impressions. During the time I’ve had it, I show 490 impressions. I’m not sure if that’s good or not, and I figure I’ll have to wait until the end of June to see how it follows visits.

The second one is Adsense revenue, which tells you how much revenue you earned per day. I guess that’s an easier way than my going to the Adsense page all the time.

The third one is Adsense unit impressions, which tells me how many times the ads were viewed each day; I’m not quite sure what’s so different between it and the first one, except my number is higher at 629.

The thing I wanted to see, though, is under Adsense overview, that being which blog posts someone was on when they clicked an ad, and how much I made for each one. This blog doesn’t get a lot of Adsense clicks, which I assume most blogs of this type don’t, but it gets some. I see two clicks, one on the update to my SEO efforts, and the other, oddly enough, on the post I did on what kind of razor do people use; man, with all the stuff I’ve written, I can’t believe how popular that post continues to be.

That last one is going to be the most valuable information to me once I add this code to many of my other sites. Notice I didn’t say all the rest of my sites, right? That’s because, unfortunately, if you have more than one Analytics account, you only get to set it up for one at the present time. Now, it was never my intention to set up four Analytics accounts, but it happened when I didn’t fully understand how to set these things up, and, well, there you go. So, I can only add the code to some of my sites, not all of them, which is disconcerting, but one of those sites is my medical billing site, which is the one making me most of my money, so that will be a good deal. I only need more time to get to it.

Anyway, I guess this is me saying I like this change, and thus I recommend it to anyone else running Google Analytics and Adsense.

Angels and Demons

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