October Report; The Good And The Ugly

Well, this should prove to be interesting; nah. The stats are in for the month of October, and I’m only going to talk about what I made with the blog and nothing else. But I’m also going to talk stats.

So, for the month on the blog, I made,… $9.44. Hey, it’s a start, and for the blog, it’s my biggest month. Isn’t that a shame? Well, even with a number like that, there’s some positives. Even though I still am undecided on it, I made $7.60 from Text Link Ads, and that was for just over 2 weeks of being on the site. And I made .36 cents from Widget Bucks, and that wasn’t up long either. The other money was .98 cents from Adsense and .50 cents from one of my Commission Junction ads. That’s the first money I’ve made off a CJ ad, so I’ll take what I can get.

Now, some other stats. Per Google Analytics, I had 1,169 visitors in October, the most ever. Of all things, traffic started taking off with the first, then the second post about Blog Action Day, a very personal post on a very big day internationally. So, this shows that participating in a community effort can be good for your traffic, as well as your soul. Also, it’s the first month that visits to the blog surpassed visits to my business site or business blog; need to work on that some more, I see. Per my ISP, I had over 12,200 unique visitors for the month, another high, more than 4,000 more than last month, which had been a previous high for me. Here, however, it’s far lower than my business site, which was just 65 visits under 20,000, which is actually down from the highs I had over the summer; so be it. One day someone will be able to explain to me what these visits mean compared to Google’s Analytics, but for my purposes, I’m figuring Google’s telling me who’s actually stopping by.

And there you go. Of course, I’ve already said that I was going to step up marketing efforts this month, so maybe I can increase some of these figures more. But I still hope to provide intriguing content otherwise.

By the way, I’ve mentioned about the newsletters that I write for my main business on business topics, but I don’t think I’ve ever shared a link to a newsletter. So, I’d like to share one with you, the one previous to my latest one, on credibility; it was what led to this blog post on credibility. I guess I can even inspire myself sometimes.

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Making A Playlist on Windows Media Player

You know, I’ve been running some version of Windows Media Player for years, and never even thought about making up my own playlists until today, when, of all things, I noticed that my wife had set one up. And the funny thing is that I’m usually the one showing her how to do things.

No matter which version you have, it’s pretty easy to do. You first have to go to your music library so you can see the list of songs you want to select from. Since I have my songs categorized by genre, I went into each genre and selected the songs I wanted. I’m in the mood today for upbeat, happy music (presently listening to, talk about timely, my favorite song in history, I Want You Back by the Jackson Five), so I’m going through each genre looking for music that makes me smile.

Anyway, the next step allows you to do one of two things. One, you can right-click on a song, then slide down to “Add To Playlist”, where it’ll move the song into your made up playlist. Two, you can drag the song over to the playlist. Either way works fine, but the one thing dragging a song gets you is that you can place songs wherever you want to, whereas the first option just adds the song to the bottom of the list.

If you’re so inclined, which I’m not total but could on another day, you can actually save your playlist. All you do is go to File, then slide down to where it says “Save Playlist As”, and you’re good to go.

For some of you, this is old news, but for others like me, who’ve never thought about it before, this could be a boom to listening to exactly what you want to listen to, when you want to listen to it. Great stuff!

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