1&1 Is Killing Me

Let’s hope that this post actually goes through. Over the last four days, I’ve been having serious problems with my host, 1&1. All of my sites have been down more often than up, and I have no doubt that people have been visiting, not getting through, and moving on. I wonder how much money that’s cost me over the last four days.

The thing is, 1&1 is a large hosting company. They offer a bunch of services, but I’ve noticed over the last year outages here and there, but haven’t worried all that much because they’ve been short. This time, though,… well, it’s four days after all. I called four or five times, and on the last call I asked them why they didn’t just move my account to one of their other working servers. The person on the other end said she’d put through a formal request; I can’t believe they had to wait for me to suggest it, and I’m still not sure they did it. At least twice they asked for an email address and said they’d be sending some information as to their progress; never received a thing.

Obviously it’s working right now, but I’m not sure if it’s a permanent fix or a fluke. However, for the first time in 3 years, I’m thinking about moving my account elsewhere. At least this time they did back up all my information; three years ago I lost almost everything when the host I was using at the time totally crashed without any warning at all. It took awhile to recover all the posts for my blog, and luckily I’d backed up all the pages to my business site.

So, along with my friend Kelvin, we’re looking into some new hosts, just in case this is just a fluke and I only get a few more of these posts out. No sir, things aren’t supposed to be like this. 🙁

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  1. Yes, 1and1 is killing me too.. Be very careful before you choose a hosting company. I wish to God I had checked out 1and1’s reputation before I signed. Rather than bore you with my long fight with them just ask yourself why their phone is answered by a recording that tells you what to do if you have been contacted by NCO, a collection agency. If they are above board why do they have to send so many accounts to a collection agency? Also Investigative journalist, Kelli Jacks, has a suit pending against them. Kelli states: “1and1 should be shut down.”

    And finally, the Pennsylvania Better Business Bureau has them listed as “Unsatisfactory” Read comments on the BBB why. Read some customer comments on Red Flag.

  2. I’m sorry you had those kinds of problems. I’ certainly checking now, even though my sites have been back up for the last couple of days, because I think some of their customer service stuff has been terrible.

  3. It almost seems like im experiencing the same issue with GoDaddy at the moment. I am not sure if it is my issue or there issue as of yet.

    Every time I try and do something with my domain structure site I get loading errors. Quite frustrating.

  4. Frustrating to say the least. It cost me almost 5 days worth of possible income, even if it’s fairly low at the moment.

  5. I got a nice offer for a domain today, but 1and1 has me locked out. It is not locked out to them, only me. They are free to keep renewing domains I don’t want, but I can’t cancel any domains or sell any.

    1. That doesn’t seem right, or fair if you ask me. Of course, that’s why I bought my domain from GoDaddy, because there are no such restrictions.

  6. The price of a domain in 2007 was $5.99, then in 2008 they raised it to $6.99, now they raised it again to $8.99.

    1. There are plenty of places where you can purchase cheap domain names, but sometimes those are resellers and you really don’t own it, and many people never remember to read the fine print. That’s why I buy from a place known for domain names. Sometimes we all get what we pay for.

  7. I had problems with them all the time I was a customer. I finally moved everything over to GoDaddy and have been thrilled with their uptime, their service and their willingness to help. I’ve heard good and bad about them, but I’ve been happy. Good luck!

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