10 Affiliates I’ve Talked About Before

I thought this would be somewhat interesting, for two reasons. I’m going to mention and link to posts where I’ve talked about affiliate programs or products that I’m trying to make money from. One reason is that some of these posts were pretty early, and didn’t get seen by a lot of people, and I’d like to reintroduce them to the masses. The second reason is that I’d like to do some internal linking, something I’ve talked about from time to time here that others should think about doing with their blogs and websites, as it’s an important part of getting the most out of your blogs and websites. I hope you visit the posts and the links throughout these posts, just to see what I’ve done, but it’s also to show you that, every once in awhile, there’s nothing wrong with marketing yourself, something else I’ve talked about often around here.

The first affiliate product I ever talked about on this blog concerned Ultra Diamonds. It’s interesting because I ended up having to write a follow up post months later because, like most things, there were a few people who didn’t like Ultra Diamonds and thought I was a bad person for helping to market them. Hey, no one’s perfect, but their stuff looks really neat. I’m marketing it off my Services and Stuff site, along with most of the other products and services I’ll mention here, and if you go to the original post, it’ll show you the link to the actual page so you can see what I’m trying to do with some of these things.

The second thing I wrote about was the Harry Potter series, and on that post I decided to market a water globe rather than what was, at the time, the upcoming 7-book series or the first 5 movies; missed the boat on that one.

The third thing I advertised was this affiliate of mine called Things You Never Knew Existed, which is, well, an amalgamation of strange and wonderful stuff that you just can’t get everywhere. It seems I made a sale from the page that I’ve linked to from here last week, which is great. If you check out the page on my S&S site, as well as the page from my Ultra Diamonds site, you’ll see that I just picked a few things, but if people click on any of those things they can search the actual websites for other things, and if they purchase I earn. Nothing wrong with that. By the way, those 3 things all came in the first month I had this blog, which was created in December 2007.

The fourth thing I introduced was something called X10 Home Security, a fairly nothing post that explains why no one wanted to bother with it, but one that you’ll see has been updated so that I at least said something about it. This post was written in February 2008.

The fifth thing I wrote about was Excalibur Gifts, which is a pretty neat site that markets a lot of knives and cutlery, which is pretty neat. It wasn’t all that long of a post, but at least it was accurate.

The sixth thing I wrote about was the Rich Jerk program. This was actually the first thing I ever bought, then started to market, through Clickbank. Right now, I think it’s one of the few things I still market on Clickbank, mainly because of this blog. I’m not marketing anything new through them because I just started feeling, last April, that I just wasn’t sure that I’ve been treated fairly by them as it pertains to sales. I could be wrong; let me know by maybe buying Rich Jerk’s $10 book. It’s actually very good.

The seventh thing I wrote about was my own product, called Using Your Website As A Marketing Tool. It was my first ebook, and, though I haven’t made a lot of sales, it’s still a product that I created, that’s at the top left of this blog. That, and I’ve written about it lots of times on this blog; hey, if I can’t talk about myself, who else will talk about me, right? This post and the previous two were originally written in April 2008.

The eighth thing I wrote about was a follow up product to The Secret that is also a Clickbank product. It was short but sweet, called Laws of Attraction Booster, and I have it and thought it was pretty good.

The ninth thing I wrote about was FreeCreditReport.com, a product I use and actually wrote a pretty good post about, if you ask me. And I’ve made money off this product, though I’m not sure if it’s because of this blog or another place where I wrote about it.

The tenth product I wrote about is my last Clickbank product, Error Doctor, and it was another pretty good post because I talked about a lot of different things, and there’s even pictures! I don’t do a lot of pictures, though some people say that you’ll attract more folks to your site with pictures.

And that’s that. There’s 10 products of mine that most of you have never heard about (though I’m betting many of you have heard of Rich Jerk and FreeCreditReport.com), and I got some internal linking in also; yeah! (update; the programs for Excalibur Cutlery & FreeCreditReport have expired, which is why there are no links)

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3 thoughts on “10 Affiliates I’ve Talked About Before”

  1. Good afternoon, Mitch.

    I find it hard to leave a substantive comment on a post like this one, but that’s probably okay with you.

    I’m assuming that you’d rather make sales than get comments. Right?

    The one thing that I can say that may contribute to the discussion here is about the Rich Jerk.

    I know nothing about him or his product, but I received tons of emails when he first launched from a lot of affiliate marketers.

    Immediately, I was turned off by the approach and never looked at what the product offered.

    You said that it is pretty good.

    Can you tell us why you think that and what it offers that is worth buying?

    Act on your dream!


    1. Hi John,

      When I was first wondering what affiliate marketing was, I read two books early on. One really wasn’t about affiliate marketing, but was good for what it was about, that being SEO Made Easy. The other was Rich Jerk’s manual.

      For people who are brand new, he gives a great step by step of what affiliate marketing is all about. I picked up a lot of good things, knowledge I wouldn’t have got elsewhere. The original manual may not tell people who know what’s going on a lot, but for everyone else, I was actually pretty impressed. What really impressed me was that it wasn’t a lot of fluff. He gets right to the point, which is why the book isn’t much past 40 pages; I really liked that.

      Since that time, he’s added some extra stuff which buyers get to download if they but the original book. It’s pretty good also, but I’d warn folks that some of the ideas he’s come up with for making money are, well, a bit sneaky. I’m not going to call him out on it, but I’ll say that my own sensibilities won’t support doing some of what he’s suggesting. Doesn’t mean it won’t work, or that others might not want to try them out, but not me.

      I ohpe that gives a bit more information about it. As for comments, I love comments, and I love sales. If I didn’t want comments, I’d just write this sucker and close off comments like Seth Godin does. But I’ll never do that. 😉

  2. Good morning, Mitch.

    Thanks for the info on the Rich Jerk. I think I’ll just continue to stay away.

    The part about preferring sales to comments was meant to be humorous. I know you like to have a discussion on most posts, but I was thinking that you’d rather have sales on this one.

    It’s a good thing I don’t try to earn a living by being funny.


    All the best,


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