Zac Johnson’s Six Figure Affiliate Blogging – A Review

Back in May, I decided to download the free ebook by Zac Johnson called Six Figure Affiliate Blogging. I’ve been following Zac’s blog for almost 2 years and have enjoyed checking out his posts. I figured that it can’t hurt following a guy who has almost 14,000 subscribers, and I might even learn something some day. So, when I saw that he had an ebook, and that it was free, well, I figured I’d have to be an idiot not to download it. So, now I’m going to review the book for you.

It’s actually two books in one. The first 2/3rds of the book are Zac’s ideas on how one could possibly make money in blogging. The last 1/3rd of the book are interviews he conducted with some of the top earning bloggers out there, such as John Chow & Jeremy Shoemaker. It’s actually pretty neat reading, but of course that part won’t make you any money. However, I always find it intriguing seeing how other people got started in the business and achieved success, which is why I run interviews on two of my blogs.

Back to this book. You start off with a little history of Zac, and let’s just say he’s learned how to make money online. Then there’s a brief tutorial on what affiliate marketing is, what blogging is, selecting niches, hosting, etc. If you have any knowledge of this sort of thing already, as I did, you’re probably going to skim it and move on.

Something big that he talks about is branding, and one of his recommendations is paying someone to create a unique blog for you. It’s an interesting concept, something I can’t totally say I agree or disagree with overall, but I will say that having a unique design might pull in those people who first visit your site and entertain them for a short while. Long term I’m not so sure, but I guess it’s the idea of making a good first impression.

Then we have the concept of getting traffic to one’s blog, and of course he shares a lot of ideas there as well. I knew all of the ideas, but I have to admit that I haven’t put them all into place, so this is an area where some folks might gain something positive from reading it.

After that, and before the interviews, he gives you a lot of different types of ideas on how to make money on your blog, and he gives examples of what he and some other people have done in the past. There’s a lot here for novices, and even if you’ve been doing it for awhile if you’re not making a lot of money you might find something here. Of course Zac subscribes to the idea of creating email lists and using autoresponders, and indeed signing up for this ebook will put you on a mailing list and you’ll start getting some stuff for awhile. Still, it’s a free ebook, so one really can’t complain about it.

Had I written this review in May, I could have qualified for a contest he was running, but I decided to write it now so that it wouldn’t look like I was doing it just to enter a contest. If you’re new to the game, and you want to find out what it’s all about, this is an easy recommendation. If you’re someone who’s looking for ideas to kick start stuff, it’s worth reading as well. And even if you’re more experienced, if you’re not making lots of money with affiliate marketing, and trust me I’m not, then it’s worth reading to see if you can pick up a thing or two to use. I’m going to have to interview him one of these days, if he’s up to it.

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9 thoughts on “Zac Johnson’s Six Figure Affiliate Blogging – A Review”

  1. I am always looking to test new ways of getting traffic without exposing my own mailing lists. So I will download as well, many thanks
    .-= Peter Davies´s last blog ..Reasons Why Email Marketing is Better Than Print Advertising =-.

  2. For now, I am happy with 4 figure blogging 😛 – Jokes apart, I would love to read this book as well. But there’re plenty of them around the same topic of blogging into making money. I would love to see some short books (15-20 pages) that probably explains some niche ideas that can be immediately put into practice.

    When it comes to blogging aspects, I really like Daniel Scocco’s eBook. He has done that book with no affiliate links in it.
    .-= Ajith Edassery@Make Money Online´s last blog ..AdSense Clicks but No Earnings =-.

    1. I don’t mind a book that has affiliate links in it, Ajith; after all, that’s part of the reason they’re giving it away, and part of what they’re teaching those of us who have created ebooks.

      Lucky for me, I speed read, so I can get through 20 pages as easily as 100 pages.

  3. I believe that branding and consistency is the key.Every affiliate need to find its own way – there is no meaning to follow John Chow and Shoemaker, because this is their system to make more money. For me articles, press releases, social marketing and link building are working the best. To be successful online means a lot of work and good ideas.

    1. You make a good point Robert, but the other side of this is that people can get a jump on knowledge by learning at least a few things from others when they can. And if it’s free, there’s nothing wrong with that.

  4. You know what I’m like with eBooks Mitch, heck it took me long enough to read yours 😀 , so I reckon I’ll give it a miss.

    Like you I reckon I know most of it and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t put a lot of it into practice anyway.

    1. Yeah, and that’s a shame for both of us. But it comes down to time as always.

  5. I got a $5 opportunity to review the book for SocialSpark but after downloading and reading it quickly, I was left disinterested. Kinda felt if it was just another glossy, expensive looking free report. Maybe I was just tired then so I’ll give it another read again later on.

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