Recently I read a blog post that talked about how people writing for business should talk about solutions and not about themselves. I took a slightly different view with a post on this blog titled 5 Reasons Your Blog Is Definitely About You, No Matter What It’s Topic Is. He wasn’t totally wrong, and I’m not totally right, because things are never that cut and dry.

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My major point was that people who sell themselves and write blogs absolutely need to say more about themselves than those who writes blogs that sell products. In my case I obviously market services, but in his case he’s a very successful pool salesperson.

Our markets are drastically different. Whereas he can talk sales in general built around marketing products, I have to spend more time building up my presence by highlighting issues I feel are important, that helps to show what I know how to do. By the way, how am I doing? 🙂

The first thing everyone needs to figure out when they begin writing anything is what their purpose is. By that I mean you have to know if the reason is to help market you and what you do, or you and products you sell. In every case it’s marketing you, but the purpose might give you different ways to write about yourself.

In the case of the other blogger, how many stories could he write about himself and pools? However, couldn’t he write a bunch of stories about how he helped people solve issues with their pools, or how he helped them select a pool (actually, he did lol)? Couldn’t every sales person do that sort of thing?

What about those of us that market services? I could spend a lot of time here talking about industry theories of search engine optimization or blogging without mentioning anything I do or my thoughts on the matter, but you can get that sort of thing anywhere.

I figure that one of the things that helps people decide that I might be fun to work with, or that this might be an entertaining enough blog to check out more than once, is if I can add a bit of personality to whatever I write. I do that by trying to form my posts into little stories. After all, who doesn’t like a good story? And isn’t it nice when a good story has a happy ending?

Every person gets to decide what their purpose is, and then how they want to get it across. There’s no one way of doing anything; that’s the part where earlier I said I wasn’t totally right. My way might not work for everyone, and I acknowledge that. But you will have to write something at some point; how will you decide which way is best for you?

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