Working Towards 500 Visitors A Day

Tonight I listened to an interview on that was conducted by Willie Crawford. He was interviewing a guy named Yaro Starak, who makes between $10,000 and $35,000 a month off his blog; something to yearn for, right?

Anyway, he was talking about how he’s been able to make money with his blog, and at one point he was talking about numbers of visitors. He said that when he first reached at least 500 visitors a day he started making $1,000 a month from his blog. And, of course, as his numbers have increased, so has his income. All this, and he basically averages working only 2 hours a day; wow.

Of course, he didn’t start out that way. The first link I put above should take you to the page where, if you’re so inclined, you can listen to the interview where he talks about how he got to the point where he first decided what kind of blog he wanted to write, then all the work he put into it. Thinking about what he wanted to write on; that sounds familiar.

I want to go back to that 500 visitors a day thing, if I may. One of the things most of us bloggers want are readers. The more readers we get, the more we want to write because we want to not only keep those readers, but increase the number of readers that visit. Right now I don’t make a lot of money off my blog, but truth be told I don’t get anywhere close to that many visitors either. I’ve only had one day ever where I went over 100 visitors, and I’m still trying to figure out how that happened. All I could come up with is timing of the topic; I’ll take that. On my business blog, the highest number of visitors I’ve ever had in one day was 93. Oddly enough, on this blog, it was my highest dollar figure ever made on one day from the blog, but I didn’t make a cent off my business blog; different crowd, I guess.

So, how does one go from under 100 visitors a day up to 500? I honestly don’t know. If I did, I’d already be there. I have seen many tips on how to get there, and I follow many of them. I’m still in debate about the article writing and posting to article repositories, mainly because I’d rather keep as much of my content close to the vest as possible. I have other sites of my own where I can post my articles. That, plus it’s even acknowledged by some of the blog “experts” that you really won’t get many visitors from posting articles, because most people post articles to try to drive traffic to their sites; not many people actually go to those sites to read the articles unless they’re looking for some specific information, and most of the time you can find specific information elsewhere.

Well, it’s something else to ponder upon, and I figure it’s probably why Text Link Ads haven’t shown up for me yet on this blog either. No matter; I have goals, and I have time to get to those goals, and as long as I keep writing, there’s always that opportunity to get there.

And, of course, with y’all commenting from time to time, showing me some love, it can’t do anything but succeed!

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