Working Out; My Gym Update

Many people might not care, but I’m revisiting my health progress as it pertains to going to the gym. Part of this is a little bit of narcissism; part of this is accountability; and part of this is just sharing the realities of what working out is all about. It could help someone, entertain someone, or bore someone to death; this blog is called I’m Just Sharing after all.

by David Shankbone

It seems the last time I wrote about the health club at all was back in July; I can’t believe it’s been that long. I’m betting y’all thought I had given it up and gone back to the bad stuff. Well, there have been some changes, so let’s get to it. By the way, that’s not me; even I can’t lie that well. lol

I’m still going to the gym. I’m going 4 to 6 times a week still; it’s hard to believe. I find that I actually like going, mainly because of my MP3 player and all the songs I have on there. I really hadn’t had that much time to listen to all the songs I have on my computer, and the time I’m at the gym allows me to listen to many of them. Sometimes I go twice a day, once in the morning then again when my wife gets home. Sometimes our Friday night date night is spent at the gym; now that’s sad!

I finally lost some pounds, though not close to what I want to lose. I had talked about joining the health club and gaining 9 pounds; what the hey? Well, it wasn’t until I went on a metabolic eating plan that I started losing weight. I’ve lost about 15 pounds, which is fine except all it accounts for is losing the weight I gained and then a little bit more. But my doctor is happy with it and I’ll take what I can get.

The biggest change has been inches. Truthfully, I look at myself and still see the same guy. But last weekend I put on my suit for a funeral and was stunned at how nice it fit. When I got on the plane to fly to Ft. Lauderdale I was amazed at how much more room I had in the seat and with the seatbeat; that felt nice. Many people who haven’t seen me in awhile say they see a big difference; I’ll take that. The measurements don’t lie; I’ve lost at least 4 inches everywhere on my body except my neck and calves. There’s no exercise for the neck, and my calves were already rock hard and have remained so, only losing about an inch.

My glucose readings still fluctuate, depending on how well I’m following the metabolic plan. Sometimes I drop too low; that’s never good, but it’s my fault. A part of this plan, oddly enough, is making sure I eat enough food so my body has something to burn. When I was doing well I was only having one dessert a week. Well, I knew I wouldn’t be able to stick with that, but I’m not eating it every night or day, and that’s a big step forward, though the cravings are hard to overcome.

Anyway, that’s my tale. I now find that I miss those days when I can’t exercise; who’d have thought? And I like the loss of inches, even if it’s not fully translating into weight loss. My wife says it’s coming if I keep it up; we’ll see.

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24 thoughts on “Working Out; My Gym Update”

  1. It sounds as though you’ve made the workouts part of your routine, which is the toughest part. The fact that you miss going to the gym on the days when you can’t means it’s part of your life now, and so you don’t have to make the decision every day. I’m sure your wife is right. Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks Charles. Funny, we get home from my mother’s today and within 30 minutes I’m asking my wife if she’d like to go to the gym. I keep checking my own head to make sure I don’t have a fever! lol

  2. Good for you Mitch!

    Sticking with an exercixe plan can be tough. The only time I was able to really get with the program was a time when I had little to do and lots of anger and frustration to work off. My living room furniture consisted of a TV and a SoloFlex machine. My SoloFlex and I spent a lot of quality time together and in a few months I was in the best shape I’ve ever been. seriously, I looked a bit like the fellow in your picture.

    Since then I’ve had more to do with my time and less anger to vent. I’ve traded in the 6-pack on a two liter bottle. But I’m determined NOT to let it become a kegger!

    I hope your exercise program yields great results!

    1. Thanks Allan. Actually, I now know that the diet part really has to come together for the best results from the exercising. I’m kind of amazed at how many folks leading the workout classes would be considered as out of shape by the masses. They can get it done, but I’m thinking if more of them had the bodies of, well, true trainers instead of bodies like mine that there would be more people inclined to get with the program. Or maybe not; who knows?

      1. Absolutely! Diet is very important, excercize alone won’t do it. This is a double-edged sword for me as I’m cursed with a wife who is an EXCELLENT cook. She could make tree bark stew and I’d want seconds. On the other edge, she is health concious so our diet is low in fat, carbs, salt and all those no-no’s we’re supposed to avoid. That does help!

        Some “Gyms” are using less than perfectly fit class leaders in order to avoid intimidating self-concious class-takers. Leaders who look more like they do make them more at ease. Supposedly. But as you say, it is not as inspiring.

      2. Allan, my wife and I have a strange relationship in that we don’t often eat the same foods. She’s really trying to be a vegetarian, whereas I don’t like vegetables and don’t like fruit either. So, that’s not my issue. I need to keep remembering to eat multiple mini meals rather than just 3 big meals a day; my body works better that way. And eating that way, one can pretty much eat whatever they wish.

      3. You’re a card carrying carnivore huh? (not that there’s anything wrong with that) A three meal vegetarian and a carnivore who eats when hungry. I can see where that would make common meals difficult! 🙂

        We like to go with three light meals and three snacks. This works well if I’m going to work as I’ll pre-package everything in proper portions. But if I’m going to stay at home, Marie has to padlock the pantry or I tend to graze. Must not graze. Grazing is bad.

      4. Grazing is definitely bad, Allan. I work mainly from home, so what I do is usually cook all my meals on Sunday or Monday for the week and eat mainly off those. They’re portioned so I know how much I’m eating and of course they’re easy to heat up later on. This week, hamburger and mixed vegetables should do the trick.

  3. Well done Mitchell. In my opinion,health is the most important thing with us,you do anything but you should thinking of taking care yourself. Just keep going.

  4. One of the reasons the pounds just aren’t falling off is that you are actually building muscle tissue. This is so much better than carrying around fat as it actually builds up your metabolism.

    Keep it up Mitch, this is one Aussie who is really proud of you.

    1. Thanks Sire; I’m not planning on giving up any time soon, although earlier in the year I was ready to. Gotta work it off, right?

  5. Hi Mitch

    I join with my fellow Aussie Sire and say I’m proud of you too. Well done and it’s great that you are enjoying your excercises 🙂

    I’m sure with the loss of weight you will even get into the healthy eating….maybe eh Mitch?!

    Great to hear your progress. Look forward to the next one Mitch.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    1. Pat, I’ve been doing this metabolic eating thing, but this week, being a holiday week, I’ve gone off it a bit. But come Monday I’m back on it again.

  6. Now look here, Mitch. You keep mentioning your metabolic eating plan but, unless I’ve missed a post somewhere, you’ve given no details about it and I want to know what it is, what it consists of, how you do it! I don’t (mercifully!) need to lose weight but as a person with hypoglycemia and fluctuating health levels, I’m interested. Is there a ‘sheet’ you’re working from or something or is it sort of vague, ‘try this, try that, and see what happens’ kind of thing? Maybe if it’s too much to put in a comment you could email me? I’d appreciate that.

    Something I keep meaning to say, though this is only partially the right post to mention it in, was I saw a post on someone else’s blog a week or so back (am trying to remember whosel) and the guy had a post about eating health foodstuff and then had a few ads below his post for the healthy foods he’d mentioned and I thought at the time: “if I were in America, I’d have clicked on those and bought them already.” It just got me thinking about how you could maybe – just maybe – make a bit more cash than you are from your advertising in your blog here. Maybe food is the way to go? Everyone’s gotta eat. Especially if the stuff looks yummy! Anyway – just a thought.

    1. Val, I’ve kept it close to the vest because, well, no one ever asked and I’ve just mentioned it in passing here and there. It’s a sheet that’s fairly self explanatory, and you can download it here: Metabolic Plan. As to the rest, it might work for him, but I don’t think I talk about food all that often. At one point I was an affiliate for a company that marketed pre-packaged healthy meals but they ended their program, and I’ve yet to find another one. Maybe one of these days.

      1. Interesting diet sheet, thanks – I’ve just downloaded it. I’ll have a better look at it tomorrow.
        Mmm… nope, you don’t talk about food that often – probably just as well or you’d want to be eating it, hey?

      2. You’ve got that right, Val. At least I’d always be wanting to eat sweets; that’s my bugaboo.

  7. For about 3 years, I was doing serious workout, spend at least 2 hours a day 4 times a week in the gym. It was not only fitness, but bodybuilding I guess. Before this time, I was active football player, but injury in my left calf have end up my career. Now I am father, have wife and work from home. In the last 5 years, I have completely stop workout. Rarely with my friends play football or tennis during the weekend, but I guess I am getting older, probably lazy too and I found that I am spending less time on myself. However, about 3 months ago, I got serious back and neck pain, probably because of my work which involves between 12 to 16 hours a day on the PC. I can share that no massage, injections or any medical treatment helped me about my back. It will sounds strange, but the recipe was jogging in the morning. The pain completely vanish from my body.

    1. Jogging; ugh! That hurts every joint on my body, and my back gets mad as well. I’ve never really been a gym rat, but 20 years ago I did go to the gym with a different focus than I have now.

  8. Hi, Mitch. Count me in among the Aussies who are proud of what you have done. It takes a great deal of commitment to lose what you have lost, may it be in inches or pounds…I admire you for that. Keep it up! We are all rooting for you and may follow your example 🙂

    – Wes –

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