First, I hope everyone survived the New Years celebrations. I assume we’re all ready to push forward and do great things in 2011. I know I’m ready for it, and thus we get to today’s question.

Balance by Brent Moore

One of the things I’m not really good at is relaxing. As you know, I work for myself, and that’s both fun and mentally draining at the same time. I haven’t taken a vacation since 2001, the last time I was employed. I sometimes am at this computer upwards of 18 hours a day or more. I don’t think I produce enough based on that kind of time, but I get stuff done here and there.

The thing is, I don’t have a true sense of my own work/life balance. I tend to believe it’s a real thing, and it’s something I have to get a better handle on because I think if I can ever get there, I’ll probably have a much better output and be way more successful in time.

Yet, this past week I read two posts that offered contradictory statements on work/life balance. The first came from Mitch Joel, who wrote a post titled The Myth of Work Life Balance. The second was a post by Jimi Jones titled Achieving Work Life Balance.

What the hey? I mean it was literally minutes between reading each post, and that wasn’t planned either. Now I had a conundrum; who do I believe, and why?

I went with both, which might seem a little strange, but here’s my thoughts on the matter. Jimi totally got it right; Mitch got it almost perfectly right either. His main statement is that he feels the term implies that work isn’t part of a healthy lifestyle. Yet, everything else he writes fits right in with what I consider as the tenets of trying to achieve what’s known as this work/life balance that most of us strive to achieve. In my mind, we all believe in the same thing, just maybe not the terms as much.

But I’ve seen other posts or articles over the years that lament this phrase as well. So I thought I’d put it out to the masses to see where you stand on this concept. I hope you check out both posts as well, but I believe it’s a good topic to explore in some fashion, especially since we’re all being pushed and pulled beyond belief these days.

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