You know, I’m probably going to hate myself in the morning, but I just have to comment on this train wreck that’s known as Britney Spears and all the vultures it seems to have accumulated along the way.

Can’t someone just call her up and tell her to stay home? Better yet, move to the desert or the grasslands just to get away from the madness. I mean, it doesn’t matter what I’m watching: E.T., Access Hollywood, the regular news,… this stuff is everywhere. And the press is in a frenzy. Just tonight, for instance, we heard about her trying to go to court and leaving because there were just too many press people around. We heard about this restaurant she went to and what she ate. We saw pictures of her being zipped up in a dress. We heard her speaking in her little Southern accent, then switching to a British accent. And we heard the TV announcer call her a “pop tart”.

I’m not going to hate on her, because it just seems obvious that she’s having some sort of mental breakdown. People are comparing her to Anna Nicole Smith; Smith wasn’t crazy, she was mistreated medically. Britney needs to have a nanny, period, take over her life and guide her into some good decisions, or she needs to take the advice of Dr. Phil and get some serious treatment. This stuff is getting out of hand.

Thing is, her last album wasn’t all that bad. I actually reviewed the album Blackout on one of my other sites and gave it a fairly positive review. This shows she hasn’t lost it totally, but that’s not going to get her life back into focus.

People want to put fault on someone, either the mother or K-Fed (no, I couldn’t go the entire post without mentioning the “himbo”), but when mental illness is involved, there is no fault. Someone help this woman, and soon; we have an election to get back to.

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