Widget Bucks Has A New Widget

I had been thinking about adding Widget Bucks to my blog for a few days now. I have it on only a few pages of my Reviews of Everything site, and I hadn’t thought much about it until recently.

I’m not sure why. Maybe I saw it on someone else’s blog and it reminded me that I had an account. Maybe I was just thinking of another way to monetize my blog; I really don’t know. But I had been thinking about it.

Over the past two days I’ve been going out of town to another convention that’s about 40 minutes from home, spending lots of time there trying to network for my primary business. I’ve been getting home late; today I spent about 16 hours there, and I’m writing this bad boy when I should be in bed because tomorrow morning, early, I get to do it again. And our first speaker is the wife of the governor of the state of New York; this isn’t small potatoes, as you can imagine.

Anyway, because I’ve been getting home late, I haven’t spent as much time on the blog as I usually do, or in visiting other blogs. I did get a post in yesterday, which is always my goal, and if the internet access had been working at the hotel, I might have gotten a post in while there, instead of “having” to play poker. Still, I did what I did, came home, checked email, then Twitter, and came across this post by the Wealthy Affiliate WAHM talking about signing up for Widget Bucks, and a neat new feature they had where the widget you put on your site will show your visitors some statistics about where they live, and ads for their particular area. Hey, I just had to put that bad boy on my site.

So, if you look to the bottom left, you’ll see this particular widget, which I think is the coolest thing in the world. I have mine set to rotate every 7 seconds, rather than 3, because I felt that was just a bit fast; you can set it from 1 to 10 seconds. On the bottom right is a regular widget ad, which may or may not be there by the time you see this post. For that one, you can decide whether you want to pick specific types of products or categories of products, or whether you want it to examine your site and determine what kind of ads to put there based on your content. I decided on the latter because, frankly, I’m interested to see how the algorithm is going to interpret what my site is all about. But it takes a little time, so as I write this and probably post this, there’s nothing there, but I’m betting something will be there in the morning, at least, though I probably won’t see it until late afternoon.

After all, who am I to keep the governor’s wife waiting, right?

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18 comments on “Widget Bucks Has A New Widget

  • Work At Home Ideas says:

    Hi Mitch,

    Sounds good. I just signed up. How long do they take to approve so that I can start the next 2 steps. Also Mitch which plugin do you use for your “Spread The Word” social bookmarks. I’m trying to put something like this on my blog.


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    • On your first question, it took me about 24 hours before they approved the site. Actually, it takes that long for each site, then you can add widgets pretty much at will after that.

      On the second, it’s called Bookmark Me,

  • I’ll do that, Dennis, though, to tell you the truth, I’m not sure if this is a PPC thing or if someone has to buy to get paid. I’ve never paid attention; isn’t that a shame? But we’ll see, since at some point someone’s going to click on something, right?

    • Maybe that’s why I haven’t made a ton of money; I’ve not paid all that much attention to how I get paid. I known when I’ll get paid for most of them, though.

  • Work At Home Ideas says:

    Thanks Mitch for the plugin link. Got that taken care of.


    Work At Home Ideas´s last blog post..How Blog Commenting Got Me 1200 Backlinks in 5 Days

  • Work At Home Ideas says:

    Hi Mitch,
    Like Sire, my widget doesn’t show up as well. Could it be it’s visible only for US. I’m just guessing since both Sire and I are in Asian zone. Anyway my widget is just below Sezwho red carpet. Can you see it?

    Peter Lee

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    • Yes Peter, I saw it pretty well. That’s odd that it doesn’t work overseas; it doesn’t say anything about it on their site. As a matter of fact, I found this:

      Can I put WidgetBucks
      on my site if I’m not based in the US?

      Yes, as long as the site meets the terms of service. Please be aware that our terms of service does not allow non-english sites, ad-only sites, sites containing pornography or violent images, sites with invalid domains, and of course, click fraud. WidgetBucks
      can be placed on any site that has traffic; however, our mostly U.S.-based merchants/ advertisers have indicated that they see an extremely low conversion to sale from international clicks, that is, those users from outside the U.S. and Canada. As a result, WidgetBucks offers the CPM (cost-per-thousand impressions) ads for publishers’ international traffic, and the PPC (pay-per-click) model for U.S. and Canada traffic.

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