I once wrote an article titled Blogs or Articles. That article was kind of a discussion on whether people should concentrate more on either having articles or a blog on their site.

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In my opinion, the truth is that you need both since they serve very different purposes. In this post I’m only going to talk about why you need articles.

Let’s say that you teach people how to play poker. On your main page you optimize yourself so that you tell everyone what you do and which types of games you teach. You have your title tag set well, and you’ve made sure to match your first page’s content to what you say you do in the title tag.

Something that search engines love is what’s known as “anchor tags”. This is when the keyword you’re talking about is also a link to another place If it’s within your own website even better because it shows that not only do you value your keyword, but you’re about to enhance everyone’s knowledge by addressing that particular keyword. Yeah, I’ve read all the noise about anchor tags and Google supposedly not liking them anymore; I addressed that along with other bad SEO advice last year.

On your first page you indicated that you coach people on how to play no limit hold-em poker. Now you have a link underneath that which, if clicked, takes people to a page or article on that type of game. On your new page you have a new title tag, and many opportunities to highlight what and how you’re going to teach this type of poker. By doing this you start to move yourself up the ladder of success on the search engines because you’re letting them know that you didn’t just throw in a term and move on. Instead, you know what you’re talking about by writing an article that flows well, isn’t spam, and offers value to others.

Now only that but it remains static, which means it’ll always be there. If you did that for all the different types of poker you taught, then backed up your entire page by writing a blog, which would always have new content, search engines will love you and you’ll be able to compete with anyone.

Of course you can always write articles and put them on other sites to help drive traffic to your site but it’s more important to boost your own site first. If it’s all done well you won’t need to post articles anywhere else.

At least this is how I see things; what are your thoughts?

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