Why I’m Now “Mitch Mitchell”

I know the title of this post could seem confusing to some people, but to others they’re probably only now getting another introduction to who I am. My name is Mitch Mitchell; has been for, oh, at least 35 years or do. “Mitch” isn’t the first name I was born with; no, I’m not giving it, but for some people it’s not hard to find. I just don’t choose to use the name, haven’t since I was 16, but people who met me through someone else who gave them the other name tend to use it . Since I don’t like it, I just choose not to tell it to anyone, even if my main organization is called T. T. Mitchell Consulting, Inc.

For all the years I’ve been blogging I’ve always gone by Mitch. It really hadn’t occurred to me to have it being anything else. Yet, at some point near the end of last year I figured it was time to start putting my entire name into blogging. I really hadn’t thought much about it until I started writing my posts about influence. Realizing that I wanted a bigger slice of the blogging and overall internet and social media pie, and other reasons, it suddenly came to me that many people by this time might know “Mitch”, but they didn’t know “Mitch Mitchell”.

Of course, just saying that means nothing without some background. So, here’s a part of the thought process for it all, something that you might think for yourself at some point.

1. I have a lot of articles on the internet. I have my EzineArticles posts. I have articles on my S&S site. I have articles on a lot of other websites that I’m not going to list. I’m in a lot of regular magazines as well, many of them health care related, but other topics as well. I started thinking that it would be easier for people who might see some of that stuff to realize that I’m the same guy who was writing all that stuff, even if it’s across the board.

2. There’s one prominent Mitch Mitchell and one a little less prominent that I’m competing in name against. Let’s face it, I’m not going to overtake the Mitch Mitchell who used to play drums for Jimi Hendrix any time soon, deceased or not. His first name wasn’t really Mitch either, but John. There’s also a reporter for the newspaper in Fort Worth whose name I see all the time; being born in Fort Worth, that’s a strange coincidence to say the least. I think I compete with him on a regular basis; at least in the top 50 listings of the name I come up at #16 because of my business blog, and at #23 because of this blog. As a matter of fact, out of the top 50 listings only 2 of them aren’t me or the drummer, and none of them the reporter; I can live with that. πŸ™‚

3. There’s another “Mitch”. Actually, I’ve known of Mitchell Allen of Morpho Designs for many years, but our paths rarely crossed until fall of last year when we both ended up on BloggerLuv (which I’m not putting up a link for because it’s possibly gone forever, as it’s not showing up anymore for now) and started talking. Suddenly, being “Mitch” didn’t make much sense anymore with their being two of us showing up in a lot of the same places, and he’d always had his last name attached so it made sense that I do it as well.

4. For that matter, there are a lot of “Mitch’s” out there, even some female ones. Sure, my image accompanies me on most blogs, but I’ve found that if you don’t have a Typepad account your image won’t show up there. Suddenly, I’m just “Mitch” on the wind without any real recognition of who I might be. At least being listed under my full name will get me fairly quickly on a search engine; just the first name wasn’t going to cut it.

5. Of course, my business name is T. T. Mitchell, and I could have gone with that, as I did on LinkedIn. However, it’s so weird having people calling me “T. T.” there, and I’m trying to figure out if I can change it. In the long run whenever I meet people and they call me that I tell them to call me Mitch, and I realized I didn’t want to get into that kind of confusion across the board.

And there you go. It might seem like kind of a complicated process, but I’ve noticed many of you who comment here use both your first and last name, and since I have a long range goal for using my full name it makes sense for me to change over to it now. From a marketing standpoint, it seems to be a no-brainer. In my opinion, it’s much better than a keyword name any day of the week. What are your general thoughts on the subject?

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32 thoughts on “Why I’m Now “Mitch Mitchell””

  1. Hello Mitch Mitchell,

    That’s some good forward thinking! Not to mention giving others who might have been chewing on the idea about the importance of their own names. (It’s not an egotistical exercise.)

    Some years back, I went through something similar. Writing under variations of my company name, and sometimes pseudonyms, it occurred to me to check out whether or not my full name was showing up around the web. I found out that it was, but oftentimes it wasn’t representing me! I had the same first name spelling as the mother of some famous rapper … and more times than not, wherever her name appeared, so did her mom’s. πŸ™‚

    Unbelievably, mom didn’t know the value of her name on the web, so I scooped up the domain and I’ve held on to my name every since.

    1. Vernessa, I wish I’d thought about it when I purchased my first domain name, but that’s life sometimes. For many of us, when we first get online, we’re a little nervous about putting ourselves out there. However, I’ve been advertising my business self for nearly 9 years now online, and I feel slightly like a moron that I haven’t built up as much equity in the name “Mitch Mitchell” as I should have.

    1. And let’s hope to keep it that way. Actually, many Crouse people call me the other name because that’s how I was introduced to them when I first started there, and it wasn’t until later on, with new people, that I finally broke through on asking people to call me Mitch.

  2. That’s interesting. I thought you were always “Mitch Mitchell”. At least, that’s what I remember seeing on ryze. I have always thought it made sense to brand your name first. I came up first for “DeAnna Spencer” which was great, but then when I got married I had to do it all over again. At least Troupe is not as common a last name as Spencer. Of course when I connect with friends I haven’t talked to in a while, I tell them my maiden name in the intro(or re-into) email that I send.

    1. DeAnna, I met you with the last name Spencer and that picture you used to have wearing the hat on Ryze. πŸ™‚ Actually, the first time I was Mitch Mitchell online was on Ryze; I didn’t even introduce myself on my own blog as Mitch Mitchell until, I think, 2008 or so; that’s a shame! If I went by my real name it wouldn’t be so common, but Mitch Mitchell is more common than one might think. I actually sat next to a Mitch Mitchell, his real name, for 2 years in elementary school.

  3. Hey… a rose by any other name…

    I set up Google alerts to sent me a quick note when Allan Douglas appears on the web. It is a bit alarming to see what some of the other Allan douglas’s of the world are doing!

    1. I did that a long time ago as well, Allan, which is how I found out about the other Mitch’s. lol

  4. It is nearly similar with me, as most of my lifetime, I have lived abroad, I am known with different than my given name – English speaking world know me as Kal or Carl, in the business I am Kal SEO, in Spanish speaking countries I am Carlos, Russians know me Kalyan or Kolya, haha in Asia I am Kala. It is a bit confusing for me and if somebody call me on the street with my real name, I may not turn.

    1. You’re right, Carl, I’ve seen your name in many different versions; you’re like your own Quaddafi with all the different spellings and such. lol

  5. Hi, Mitch. I think whatever your name may be, if you impart the same knowledgeable information, you will still be the same great guy I have come to know. πŸ™‚ But, branding using your name is cool. People tend to trust people more if they come out and put out their names. So, I know you have a great thing going here, mate. πŸ˜‰

    1. Thanks Wes. I’ll always be the same guy no matter the name, but I’ve been wondering if I change it to Bill Gates if I’ll suddenly be wealthy. I mean, we both wear glasses. lol

  6. Wow what a letdown! I thought you were Jimi’s drummer. And I guess you’re going to tell me you’re not the same guy from the “Sing Along With Mitch” TV show from the 1960s.

    When I started blogging I used a name I had been using for many years in an entertainment business I had. “Arlee Bird” is pretty unique and there aren’t too many of them that pop up in searches. However if you looked up my real name you’d probably find millions of hits for thousands of people with the same name. I don’t hide my real name but I don’t make it blantantly obvious either. As much as I like my real name I just feel like for professional reasons I’m better off with something more distinct.


    1. That makes sense, Arlee; entertainment is something entirely different. And of course you’re talking about Mitch Miller and the dancing ball. lol I had to live with being called that for many years until the generations changed and suddenly no one knew who he was anymore. That’s when you know you’re aging, when people have no idea who your references are.

  7. Nice move or decision in terms of online branding Mr. Mitch Mitchell. Easy to remember names are I think one of the core things that contributes into a good branding name and campaign.

    This post is also perfect for the “About Me” or “About Mitch” page eh?

  8. After reading everything I started to get confuse with the T.T – it stands for the double T on your name Mitch Mitchell, right?

    Anyway its a good move to have your real name on display. Do adds lots of integrity and value to your blog.

    1. Charleston, don’t get confused; don’t think about “T.T.” at all… let it go! πŸ˜‰

  9. During my initial working days, I was known as R. Rajgopaul. People shortened it to Raj. I am still called by some old friends as Raj and get posted mail from them addressed to Raj Rajgopaul though my full name is Ramana Rajgopaul.

  10. Using first and last name has been one of the first things I have learnt when I decided to step into social media. I actually didn’t think much about it, even though I enjoy what I do on my blog/Twitter and so on, I still started with a business purpose, so it’s only natural to know someone you do business with through a real name and last name, rather than just a name or worse a nickname. Nicknames are good for games, not for the real thing.
    My luck is that I am practically the only one on the Internet with my first name and last name (and my last name is pretty damn rare overall).

    1. True Gabriele, I’m thinking there probably aren’t a lot of folks with your name on the internet. It’s just funny that I had to take so long to think about it. πŸ™‚

  11. Well Mitch, I think you practically branded this name as your own and people who see your picture associate it with Mitch :).

    Also, when you use a full name in my opinion it gives you more influence, you seem more trustworthy because you already shared something of yours.

    I guess I am lacking on this department, but even my full name is common enough that I am pretty sure I will never rank for it πŸ™‚

    1. Based on the fact that you’re not from the U.S., I know your name isn’t Alex Smith. lol And I still have a lot to overcome, or at least get close to the guy in 1st place.

  12. Hi Mitch

    That’s who you are to me and way to go that you have made your decision πŸ˜‰

    I enjoy reading your posts and will continue to do so.

    Patricia Perth Australia

  13. I was pleased when I saw that you were using your first and second name, Mitch. I think it’s better on a blog such as this to be identified as your ‘full self’. I don’t think it matters that you use a variation of it on your other blog/s. People come to associate name and blog, whatever they are.

    I use my full name in my blogs, but when I post a comment (like here) I just use my first name rather than my first and my last, and the reason for that is because some people, seeing ‘Val Erde’, will call me that in a reply rather than just using my first name, and I try to encourage informality as that makes things much easier for me!

    1. Well Val, until I did it I’d never even given it a second thought. It just seems to make more sense as I think about it now.

  14. Hi Mitch,

    And let us not forget to remind folks whose the “Elder” when we show up on the same blogs.

    Your advice to Charleston is one I adopted back on Ryze. “Tee-Tee Mitch” didn’t work for me and I enjoyed having a big “brother” on Ryze. LOL So, you were always Mitch to me.



    1. Well, that worked well for us. lol As to the elder thing, let’s stand together and see who people pick out as “elder”. lol Okay, I think you’d win on that one as well.

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