Why I Tried To Delete My Technorati Account

There are a lot of articles out there where someone’s always telling you that the way to increase your blog presence is through one of these social bookmarking sites. Technorati is always one of those sites listed, and it was one of the few I ever joined. The other two went away on me, and I haven’t looked back on either of them; not that I had much choice anyway.

For me, Technorati is no more now, and I’m going to tell you why.

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First, I have never really trusted their ranking system to begin with. Back in the day when you saw certain numbers, they were easier to track because they were closely associated with traffic numbers. You knew better where you stood with those numbers.

Then they changed things up, and suddenly you had no idea what any of those numbers meant. I had only listed 3 blogs there, and only one of them was ranked higher than 120, that being this blog, which was ranked 418. I had no idea what that meant, nor how to affect it so that the ranking could go up.

Second, supposedly they ranked you only off your last six months. This means that having a blog for years meant nothing to them. If you decided to slow down for a short period of time, they didn’t take the blog as a whole; that’s tough to deal with, but so be it.

What finally got me to decide to just kill the entire account happened in the last couple of days. Actually, I tried to delete my account and I can’t figure out how to do it. Instead, I deleted all my blogs. Why?

I use this plugin on Firefox that allows all my bookmarks toolbar items to show. Technorati was one of them, and on a fluke a few days ago I clicked on it and it took me to the site. I saw how my blogs were ranked, lousy of course, and decide to look at the account setup.

What I noticed is that for all of the blogs they were using the RSS feed that came with them and not the RSS feeds I created through Feedburner, which is what I use to have people subscribe to. I decided to change the feed on all the blogs to see if maybe that would affect how they’re ranking.

I did the first one and it said it had to send me an email with a code in it. Turns out what you have to do with the code is create a post, pop this code in, then make it live, which is irritating because it even if you tell your blog not to send it to Twitter, some people have automated software that retweets your post, and I noticed that blog posts popped up on Twitter; ugh.

Once Technorati finds the post with the code in it, the process of which you start by telling it to check your blog for the code, it tells you if it’s found the code or not, and if it has then it tells you that it’s evaluating your blog, whatever that means. There’s also nothing saying how long you’re supposed to leave the code there, or if you’re supposed to leave the code there. I left the code on all 3 blogs for about 3 or 4 hours, then removed those posts.

Late yesterday afternoon I decided to see if Technorati had approved my blogs. What I got on all 3 was this message:

May 18, 2012. This site does not appear to be a blog or news site. Technorati does not support claiming of forums, product catalogs, and the like. You can review our site quality guidelines at http://technorati.com/blog-quality-guidelines-faq/

What the heck was that? This blog doesn’t appear to be a blog? The other two blogs don’t appear to be blogs? Y’all tell me; when you look at this site, is it a blog?

Obviously its automated process is incorrect. I decided to try to contact support. Guess what; they don’t really have a support to contact. There’s nothing that addresses your issue; instead, they have this thing you can sign up for that you have to pay for so you can contact them; what the hey?

At that point I decided I was done with them, so I went in and deleted all my blogs, which were still listed and still ranked. If they thought all my sites were news sources, then why were my blogs still sitting there being ranked as blogs? While I was there I deleted any other information I had on my profile; I wanted to be gone for good.

That brought me to my next problem; no idea how to delete my account. There’s nothing on the Technorati site that I could find to delete it. I went to Google, and even there I couldn’t find a way to delete it. Supposedly you could send them an email, but when you go to the support page there’s no option for that; actually, no option for anything where they might actually contact you back.

Enough said. The only thing I have there now is my username, password, and email address, which it wouldn’t let me delete, and that’s all. I’m done; not going back. I’ve removed the bookmark from my toolbar, and that’s that. I sent them a tweet telling them I was done with them, and I don’t expect a response, but at least it’s out there, as this post will be as well. Horrible system, and now I’m put off all social bookmarking sites. Figures, I kind of signed up for a different type of one a few days ago that’s already irritating me as well, but I’ll give it a few more tries before I decide what to do about it.

I guess it’s back to just trying to write compelling content and doing it on my own, with some help from those of you who decide any of it is good enough to share; sigh…

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  1. The only blog I have on Technorati is Hot Blog Tips. I just looked up my rank and I have no idea if it’s good or bad and I don’t think it really matters.

    Sites like this would do a lot better if they would work on a little customer service. There should be an easy way to contact support and there should be a way to opt-out and delete your account.

    As far as bookmarking in general, I’m not ready to give up on it yet. I still get a good bit of traffic from some bookmarking sites (not Technorati) and they’re a very easy way to build links. We can debate if that type of link building is good or bad but it’s as easy as “set and forget” in a lot of cases.

    BTW, I’m one of those auto tweeting your posts. I can remove if you want, I know you don’t like much social automation. 🙂

    1. Brian, my problem wasn’t with the automatic retweet; it was with Technorati deciding that the only way they’ll find anyone’s blogs is to create a new post that you have to delete, with my knowing that it would get retweeted and look goofy, which it did.

      As to the other, it’s not a problem with link building that I have. It’s that every one I’ve ever joined has, eventually, come crashing down in some fashion. There are some I don’t trust (you know who and why), and I know it’s not because I don’t play well with others. I figure there has to be a better way; just haven’t found it yet.

  2. Yes, Technorati is a PITA to delete.

    You can send an email to ju*********@li**.com and/or es*****@te********.com requesting that your account be deleted.

    Keep in mind you MUST send the email from the same email that is connected to your Technorati account.

    You must also include your username and tell them you also want your blogs deleted (include the blogs name and link to them on Technorati).

    If all you do is delete your user account then your blogs will still show up there as unclaimed.

    How long will it take for them to actually delete your account and blogs…who freakin knows. Just don’t hold your breath.

    I thought it was like a law that sites had to allow a user to delete their accounts. I guess most sites just make it easy so people don’t scream and yell.

    1. Sheryl, that’s the major problem. The few sites I came across with an email address said that it could take six months or more, or never happen at all. I don’t feel like being bothered; I’d rather wreck their system by not having my blogs there in the first place. Now, if the blogs stay there, even though I decided to un-claim them, then that’s on them; I’m not going back.

  3. Technorati… that’s paparazzi’s cousin isn’t it?

    After a couple of years of trying to impress the various ranking systems I’ve given up. (Mostly) Because it’s so hard to figure out what it all means and if it means anything at all in the *real* world. Especially if they change-up the algorithms.

    This is a great example of all that.

    1. Exactly Allan. You know, we grew up in a day when there were rules for how to win or progress. With some of these sites, there’s nothing like that. And some of the rules they have are frustrating as well. Now, I’ll admit that it’s hard to totally fault them because these sites are free, so they can do whatever they want. But if they’re not even going to try to be customer friendly, or give you parameters towards achievement, then what’s the point?

  4. Interesting, I had trouble getting mine on when it was on blogger and just recently was going to for my WordPress ones but after reading this I don’t really see the point in doing so. Thanks for sharing the experience with us.

  5. I haven’t had anything to do with them for ages. The last time I went there and tried to input their code on a new blog it kept coming up with a message saying it couldn’t find it or something . After several attempts I just gave up in disgust and left. Haven’t been back since.

    Now I’m wondering whether I should remove my blogs? Nah, I can’t be bothered and if nothing else at least its another back link

    1. Sire, I decided I didn’t care about potential back links. Actually, I wasn’t sure I was getting them anyway once it said it thought my blogs were news stories. And of course they didn’t respond to me last night on Twitter when I wrote them; oh well…

      1. Even if dumb technorati did think your blogs were news stories it still would have provided a back link. As to their value, now that all depends on whether or not Google feels the same way about them as you do 😉

      2. I wasn’t sure if it would or not. I mean, if they wouldn’t let me claim my blogs as blogs, then what use would they be on the site since now no one could ever recommend them?

  6. To be honest, I have never paid attention to Technorati rankings in the last 2-3 years. Previously all blogs and websites that I have manage were added there, but not anymore. I have never got much traffic and I think only “big boys” benefit to some extends and get traffic from Technorati, actually I am not quite sure that Google even count the link from there.

      1. I’ve had a similar conversation about a month ago with one of the companies that I was consulting. All those websites – Technorati, HubPages, Squidoo, etc have lost a lot of power. It isn’t really a waste of time, but I think benefits are very little and concentrating on something else is better idea.

      2. That’s my thought Carl. Years ago Delicious at least made it easy to submit your posts to them, but even back then I wondered why these sites worked because I’ve never read any articles on sites like these and have always wondered who might.

      3. Good question and something interesting happened in my stats in the last 24 hours. Actually I have got 24 visits from Technorati, with very low bounce rate and I must admit that this is the first time I see that much traffic from there.

  7. I’m glad I never used Technorati though I almost decided to use it! Thank you for this information Mitch, very much appreciated. 🙂

  8. Technorati are a Waste of Time And Mental Energy,

    I was logged into Technorati, Stupid hard to spell name for a start. Where I tried to change the email address I created the account with, For some reason this was not possible and it would not let me change my country either drop down menu has only US no other countries in the world according to them that was the last time I was logged into technorati anyway.

    Technorati Advertising
    I have also tried the Technorati advertising network they pay net 60 and have very poor quality advertisements. You have to wait a whole day to see what you have earned much like infolinks and chitika, I like to see how advertising is working within hours and can’t afford to keep low ecpm networks running on my site.

    Sorry Just had to say that first lets start again

    Hi Mitch, I don’t get to comment often but your article caught my attention luckily since I had been going through some of the emails I get from summify which seems to be the only way I can stay updated on blogs to read since most of my online tasks seems to be consumed by doing things for other websites to later find out that they have changed things and no longer consider bloggers hard work to be an important part of the website content.

    Just yesterday I considered adding a newish blog the type of blog that you create but are not sure what to do with it because it can be approached in many different ways to technoratti, but maybe not now and thanks for helping me make up my mind. Before you could find interesting bloggers on that site but now it seems to be too news orientated and I hate news it’s depressing and reading depressing stuff kills your creativity. What sites like technorati and blogcatalogue who happened to delete my account for mentioning bloggerluv not sure what’s happening their now maybe dormant like st helens was b.t.w us bloggers are the only reason they have a site concept in the first place and should be respected as members and not expect bloggers to create that blog post which you have to delete simply because it gives you a 404 page then Google is on your back I will say no more.

    1. Wow reozer, you really had a lot to say! lol Blogs do seem to be taking lots of hits lately, and I wonder if any of it has to do with some of these blog social bookmarking sites, which also take some hits here and there. Still, we do what we have to do or love to do because it’s in our blood. We hope for the best, but we also want validation, true validation. We want it easy, and we want people to acknowledge us when we have questions. That’s going to be one of my new standards, how easy it is to get answers.

  9. I tried to use it a few years back. I remember being extremely frustrated that it couldn’t find my feed/blog/whatever. I also remember getting a message that said my blog wasn’t a blog LOL.

    These people call themselves Technorati? It’s a bit of a misnomer to me.

    For the life of me I can’t remember where I found the info saying that I MUST be on Technorati. I know I read some article outlining all these steps to blog domination and I was like “YES! Technorati is the first link in the chain..!”

    It is lost to the ages now. Much like my desire to be on there.

    I just checked and my blog somehow did eventually get “claimed” or whatever. I’m not sure how because I left in disgust and never looked back after about a week of trying to get it recognized.

    Their methods are a mystery, much like the Illuminati, so maybe the name is apt after all??

    1. You kill me John. lol I know it was a long time ago when I’d read about Technorati and thought it was one of the ways to go. There are other sites where I was able to determine that I didn’t want to have anything to do with them. But realizing how hard it is to delete one’s account from some of these things is irritating.

  10. I don’t not have a single blog registered at Technorati, few of my friends have and they say that it is a wonderful platform to have good visibility. I have personally checked few of the top blogs and I really admire the content they have.. I have encountered first time that some one wants to remove the account!

  11. I’ll be honest with you Mitch, a lot of those types of sites confuse the heck out of me too.

    I went through the same process and the same thing happened with me. So I said to heck with it and haven’t used them since. Heck, I wouldn’t even know how to log into those accounts now. Obviously I haven’t needed them since my blog seems to be doing just fine without them. Talk about losing some fabulous content to their ridiculous set up process.

    Looks like you’re not the only one who has had issues with Technorati either. What a shame really.

    1. You’re right Adrienne. Back in the day, I joined a few things because they were recommended more than because I thought they were such a good idea. In a way, I did that with this latest thing, and I still have to see if it ends up being something helpful.

  12. Sheryl, that’s the major problem. The few sites I came across with an email address said that it could take six months or more, or never happen at all. I don’t feel like being bothered; I’d rather wreck their system by not having my blogs there in the first place. Now, if the blogs stay there, even though I decided to un-claim them, then that’s on them; I’m not going back.

  13. Same with me…
    A few days back I had claim 2 new blogs of mine and today I went to check their status to find the same message that ‘my blogs don’t appear to be blogs’… ridiculous….

  14. I left this comment over on Facebook, but I’ll share it here also. If anyone wants to listen to the podcast, I’ll leave a link in CommentLuv.
    I don’t think you had a chance to listen to my podcast yet. I do agree with you about the ranking system being flawed but it’s ALL good when I start getting traffic from there because I rank very highly for things like “small business” and “books” (don’t ask). But I’m not encouraging anyone to sign up so they can get ranked. I also mention in the podcast NOT to create a new post just to claim their blog. Just add the code to an existing post, you don’t need a new one. I use Technorati is a quick way to see backlinks and yes – your blog has appeared on the list quite a few times. In fact if I didn’t see it listed on Technorati I would not have known that you added a link to my blog. Technorati is also a good place to do a guest post and if your post gets accepted they will pay you. They have sent me offers – I just never get around to submitting an article. They also have an ad network (which I didn’t talk about on the podcast) but I decided to stick with AdSense for now. But I plan on testing it in the future on some of my older blog posts (especially the ones that Technorati is sending traffic to).

    1. Thanks for your comment Ileane. Truth be told, I was getting little traffic from Technorati anyway; it was the same with Delicious, the only other social bookmarking site I was a part of. I wasn’t going there often, but I felt more frustration than anything when I was going and it was just best to remove myself from the frustration, which you know is something I do. 🙂

      1. It’s the same for me when it comes to Delicious, never did get any traffic from there. I don’t even use it to bookmarks stuff. I keep track of everything by adding it to Scoop.it. Have a great week Mitch and I’ll chat with you soon!

  15. Amen homie, our blog is a ‘news’ blog, with not a single add, all unique content and it’s updated like every god damn day…yet all mighty freakin technorati don’t consider our blog a blog. WTF?

    Them idiots need to fix their damn system because it’s crap like that which pisses us all off. Took me 10min to create an account, god knows how many times to check and make sure I was approved, then claimed the blog, added the code post shit that’s another 10minutes and kept going back to check till i got that shit ‘your blog aint a blog’. Over an hour of my time down the drain. May they burn in hell.

    1. LOL! Nick, you echo some of my sentiments. I just couldn’t get any satisfaction so I left. Way easier to stay calm than to continue beating myself up in trying to figure it out.

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