Why I Show Products At The End Of Posts

Here’s the questions. How often do you go to the store and end up buying things you didn’t initially go there for? How many times have you been looking through a catalog or advertisement, saw something that interested you, then decided to check it out and saw something else you liked instead?

I belong to a lot of affiliate marketing programs and advertisers. Most of you know that I’m a member of Commission Junction. They have almost 3,000 different advertisers that you can choose from, some big names, some not so big. Every time you see an individual post on this blog, at the top you see a Commission Junction banner, via one of their rotating banners programs. I’m also running one of their little applets on the left side.

Many of the advertisers allow you to post their products on your websites as well. The template you see below is their template, which I kind of use for other things, such as my book and webinar there at the top left. That’s just standard HTML, which I already knew, but their version was just so clean I’ve co-opted it. Some of the advertisers don’t have specific products you can purchase, but have services instead. So, when you see a banner, those are usually companies that offer services.

Sales Manager

But not always. I also participate in the Linkshare affiliate program, which also has some advertisers like Commission Junction, just not as many. The same goes for ShareASale, but I’ve only hooked up with a couple of those. Most of the pictures you see on this site in a post are actually images you can purchase in some form from them. I also always have at least one image to the left side. I could do it more often, but I don’t always think images fit my posts, though some people swear by them.

And many other affiliate programs I’m associated with also don’t have products I can specifically hawk, but I still want you to know about them. So, I’ll throw those banners on here every once in awhile as well. Just so you know, I didn’t join all those programs because of this blog, but since I still belong to them, it makes sense for me to cycle them in here from time to time.

Here’s the thing. If I highlight something like the rowing machine below, what I’m showing is a sample of the types of things you can find at that particular site, which in this case is called BigFitness. Now, you can go directly to the site and purchase it and cut out the middleman, but if you’re nice ( 🙂 ) and want to help a brotha out, you’ll buy it from me. But maybe you’ll go to the site and see something else you like instead. No matter what you buy, if you buy something from the site, I’ll get credit for it. And suddenly it’s just like the flat screen TV you saw in the Sunday flyer that got you to the store, and instead you walked out with a GPS unit. The store only hopes you bought something; kind of what I’m hoping as well.

There you go. And sometimes, if you find something on another site that you want, if you come back and ask me about it I might have a coupon that will get you a discount of some kind, even if it’s only free shipping. Hey, saving money never hurts either, right? If that’s what happens, just go to my contact link above, see my email address there and write me.

It’s a very passive form of marketing, I know. Does it work? Well, in two years I think I’ve made two sales for CJ stuff and a couple for other products. So yes, I’ve made some sales. Not a lot, but that’s okay. You make no sales for any products you don’t try to market, right? 😉

I’ve been asked often over the years why I have any products on my site that aren’t just making money things; that’s why. And that’s why I never beat up on anyone who’s marketing anything on their site. Sometimes I even take a quick look at it. Never hurts to look.

Rowing Machine - Stamina ATS 1400 Air Rower

Rowing Machine – Stamina ATS 1400 Air Rower


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34 comments on “Why I Show Products At The End Of Posts

  • Hey, you never know who might by dropping in and click-through, right? I just started with B&H Photo and will see how that goes. I use Amazon, too with some success. Still, Google is my main money maker on my Disney website.

    I’m very limited using WordPress.com. I need to get my own domain and load up WordPress. Though every time you go through an upgrade it looks a bit daunting. LOL

    • Yes, you do need to move to your own domain one of these days so you have more control over it all.

      I’ve been hesitant to deal with Amazon since that stuff started a couple of years ago with NY state, and they’ve shut down people in other states because of their tax rules. I’ve been cut off by enough advertisers, thank you very much. lol

  • I’m all for people marketing on their sites.

    I tend to not really pay a lot of attention to them unless I’m looking for something specifically.

    But the passive ads on your site put a seed in peoples minds. Which could and have resulted in sales.

    Good for you..

    • Thanks Glen. That’s my hope, to capture someone who happens to be in the mood to buy something. lol

  • vince delmonte review says:

    I see nothing wrong putting banners on a web site eventhough everyone says people are banner blind,I don’t think it is entirely true.

    • Thanks Vince. Actually, I think some of the side banners are achieving banner blindness, mainly because we get used to the same thing as far as looks are concerned and location. That’s why I hope throwing in my products looks a little different than the norm.

  • Karl Foxley says:

    I love the freedom online marketing gives us as site owners.

    I think throwing in random ads is a good test for banner blindness.

    How many blogs about making money or blogging do you see ads for blogging for money?
    You just become immune to noticing them after a while.

    Sometimes going against the grain is what makes something stand out.



    • Thanks Karl. That’s part of what I aim to do, for sure. And I’m also trying the text linking, the articles with the blue line, which supposedly convert better than banner ads. I’ve yet to see that either.

  • I’m too am all for people marketing on their sites. However I have the outlook that a product should fit a post.
    .-= Rose´s last blog ..Hello Kitty Phenomena =-.

    • I do also Rose, but sometimes, especially on the topics I tend to write about, there’s nothing that quite fits. lol

      • Dennis Edell says:

        Hmm, I beg to differ. I’m thinkin’ with some searchin’ you could find something for just about any post.

        More time consumed for sure, but the ROI should be considerably higher in the loing run. 🙂

      • Dennis, if you think you could find an image for everything that actually makes sense, I’d challenge you to try it with some of your posts for awhile. Like the one where you told everyone you were unsubscribing from their blogs; what kind of image would you have matched up with that?

      • Dennis Edell says:

        This particular was about products fitting posts, not just images (that was another post, lol) but since you asked, I Googled for 30 seconds and came across 2 pics with the word unsubscribe in them…that’s really all I’d need although I’d probably look a little more.

        You’d need a wee bit of time (not much) to check copyright status, but point being, whether it’s products or just images, they are out there for just about anything you can think up. 🙂

      • Sure, you could find any old thing, but if it’s not going to enhance anything, then what’s the point? You’re right, though, that you could find something if you really needed it.

      • You must have missed my little test on whether it increases readership or not. Study showed that answer as being “no”. I’m only planning on using them when they’re integral to the post or if it’s a long post to break up the monotony a little bit.

      • Dennis Edell says:

        I caught it; if I remember right, you ran it for a whole week (sarcasm just seemed to fit 😉 ).

      • Yes I did, 7 days in fact. No movement on readers or visitors whatsoever. Now, when I added the attractive women back in August, that did increase visits; that says a lot. lol

      • It’s about as long as I had to give it, considering I really didn’t want to do it to begin with. Hey, religious people believe the world was built in 6 days, so 7 days should have been plenty. lol

      • Dennis Edell says:

        Umm, not exactly sure it works that way with traffic.

        You need to raise the reply levels dude. 😉

      • Goodness Denis, we went 14 replies; most folks have theirs set at only 5 or so. Guess we’ll just have to start it all anew.

        And it may not work that way with traffic, but nothing has improved in the time since I did the study. By the way, lately you’ve seen where I’ve added images to posts that seem to fit, and those aren’t generating any more visits because of the images than they do without the images. The fact is that there’s no one looking anyone up on Google saying “I’m only going to this post because it has an image on it.” I believe that unless the images is something either outstanding or titillating that most people probably aren’t even noticing it’s there. However, I’m planning a piece that I believe is going to catch a lot of eyes; this should prove to be interesting.

  • Dennis Edell says:

    Thec ads below each post…are they on an auto rotate or do you place each one after each post manually.

    • I post each one separately, Dennis. With CJ, you first only get a limit of up to 25 different ads per code, but second, each product actually has a lot of words underneath the name of the product, and sometimes it goes on forever. That would drive everyone nuts, and you can’t get rid of it through the script.

  • Heh, I always thought these random product postings were kind of strange. But, they are less intrusive (and less ugly) than some adsense placements, plus the randomness is kind of interesting. Have you tried posting a random Amazon product or ebook instead? I feel that they would sell much better. Especially with books, you could at least somewhat match any post.

    • Brad, I’m not with Amazon because of the weird relationship they have with New York (that, plus the way they’ve dropped lots of folks in states across the nation; we could be next). But I have posted ebooks at the end of some posts as the product, and nary a single book has ever generated even a click. Well, that’s not quite true; the book you see there on the right about 20 Ways to make $100 a day has gotten clicks, but that’s the only one.

  • Udegbunam Chukwudi says:

    LOL. Thanks for clearing this up. I’ve always wanted to ask why the non make money online adverts but I thought it would sound rude of me.

    The programs on my blog receive quite a lot of clicks but I’ve only been able to make like 4 sales. 1 for Netfirms and the other three for Web4Africa. Another reason why I ain’t in no hurry to leave my day job anytime soon. LMAO.
    .-= Udegbunam Chukwudi´s last blog ..Facebook Naira Free Report Analysis =-.

    • You know Chuks, everyone else puts up the same thing over and over; I figure why not break things up, right?

    • That’s exactly right, Sire. I remember your talking about that on your blog a few days ago. Of course, I have to try to entice people by hoping I can match something up with the content in some fashion, but that’s not always easy.

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