Why I Created A Facebook Fan Page

After over a year of thinking about it, I finally created my first Facebook fan page. Actually, officially Facebook has moved away from the term “fan” and just calls is a Facebook page. I like that also because thinking about having people become “fans” of mine, rather asking them to do it, just seemed so narcissistic; definitely not normally my style. Anyway, it’s under the name of my business site, so if you’re on Facebook and would like to take a look, check out T. T. Mitchell Consulting, Inc, which is my main business name.

Why did I create this page? After all, I’ve had to think about it for so long that you’d think anything I had to basically convince myself to do that I probably would walk away from it. That’s my normal pattern, for sure.

Truthfully, it was an impulse decision. There was some research and thought over all this time, and the truth is that I’m now looking to push all aspects of my business just a bit further than I already have. After all, with my other site, I talk about helping businesses find ways to maximize their online presence. Turns out that, for SEO purposes, creating a page to link to your business is more effective than creating a group page. I don’t know why, but there’s some history out there, so it makes some sense. Kind of like some folks and Squidoo pages.

However, Squidoo just doesn’t work for me personally; can’t really say why. I wasn’t sure Facebook would work for me either, but I have more than 300 friends there, or do I believe, and that’s more than I would have on Squidoo.

I also know you’re probably remembering what I had to say about Facebook group pages, but since the focus is much different, and what I’ll be doing is much different, I don’t really need participation on that page as much as people just seeing what’s going on with me.

What do you do? You go to a page like this, where it tells you what you’ll be getting, kind of, and then there’s a link that says “create a page.” You click that, and follow the instructions, which is to answer a few questions, and you’re on your way.

Okay, that’s not quite it. I wasn’t sure what to do with my page once it was first created because unlike a group, you can’t just start writing all sorts of stuff in free form. Groups aren’t supposed to be for advertising purposes anyway, and since pages are, they’re trying to keep you in some kind of format. What did I do? I contacted one of my friends, Shirley Frazier of Solo Business Marketing, for some assistance.

Basically, what she said was to add all my business and product links to the page so people would know what to follow and look at if they came to the page. Also, you can write something on your wall, and I also wrote a message in the discussion area. I’ve told people they can write comments, ask questions in the discussion area, and I’ll answer whatever I can. I added all my business links, which consisted of three websites and 3 blogs. I have other sites, but I’m not considering any of those business related, per se, so I won’t be adding those. I added a link to my newsletter page and my books and CD, and samples of my articles.

Then, instead of doing a blast out to all my friends, which just didn’t feel right for me to do, I wrote on my status wall that I’d created it and asked people to take a look. Yeah, I know, I get tons of page suggestions all the time, but I just didn’t want to do that back to anyone. My friend Kelvin says I’m not thinking like a business marketer, since I am talking about my business, and he’s probably right, but so be it. I’m writing about it here, I put it on Twitter, and I’ll put it on LinkedIn, and I think that’ll be enough.

Anyway, I hope you check it out, if you’re on Facebook; thanks.

10 thoughts on “Why I Created A Facebook Fan Page”

  1. I wonder if I should start a fan page for my sex site. I know that when the wife and kids found out I had a sex site, because I’ve linked to it in FaceBook, they insisted I remove it there may actually be some repercussions from having a Sex Fan Page. ­čśë
    .-= Sire┬┤s last blog ..Taking The Time To Think Before Clicking Submit =-.

    1. They’re correct, Sire; Facebook closes accounts quickly because of sex, which seems strange since you see how many of the women portray themselves there. Course, you could have a fan page to so many more things.

    1. Michelle, I didn’t know I’d end up with any fans either, but it’s working out well so far. Even got my first comment there this evening.

  2. This is something I have been thinking of myself for a while – Facebook has a heavily used search facility so having a Facebook page that links back to your blog and any other websites makes good sense.

    Just havent got round to it yet!
    .-= Peter Davies┬┤s last blog ..Internet Marketing Or Internet Selling? =-.

    1. We’re going to see where it takes me, Peter. I like how it’s spread on its own so far, kind of like my own little viral campaign.

  3. FB might be next for me, dunno yet; I just got back to Twitter. lol

    I’ll check on yours though, once I sign up. ­čÖé
    .-= Dennis Edell┬┤s last blog ..Do You Have 5 BURNING Questions? =-.

  4. Even I created a fan page a month ago.. though I must admit that there’s not much activities there. People still follow me mainly on my profile than the fan page :lol:. Probably I am a poor marketer.
    .-= Ajith Edassery┬┤s last blog ..HostGator Review and Coupons =-.

    1. I don’t know, Ajith. At least you took that first step. I’ve been posting links to articles and blog articles there for now, and at some point I might set up what I’ll call the “daily tip”, or something like that.

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