Why Do You Write Your Blog?

Why do I write this blog, or any other blog? Why do you write a blog? What are you hoping to achieve? Are you trying to inform? Are you trying to make money? Do you have something you need to get off your chest?

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I ask this question after reading what can best be called a couple of rants by different guys. One guy, Merlin Mann, wrote a piece called Blog Pimping, and actually used a lot of the original rant, written by a guy named Jack Shedd, called Tacky. Both posts are pretty much against what they consider as the blatant marketing of blogs to make money by the professional bloggers, and what they perceive as what’s been created because of them, the professional commenters, whose only purpose is to try to hopefully drive traffic to their sites by commenting on these big time blogs.

Of course, one of these guys is marketing things in his own right off his blog, whereas the other guy, Jack, doesn’t seem to be marketing anything, so we can take each for what it’s worth. It still begs the question for most of us as to what our purposes are for writing our blogs, and whether we end up staying true to our souls more than our goals.

I don’t think I’ve hidden my goals for this blog; I want it to make money. So I write about topics that interest me, hoping they interest others enough to want to come back often to see what I might have to say. I like to think I’m not a one trick pony, though, as I slide from topic to topic and, occasionally, post something to entertain myself more than I’m probably entertaining someone else (remember the Yoda video?). This is a blog to make money, but it’s also a blog to have some fun with. I don’t see myself as one of those guys who’s ever going to make blogging a 24/7 job; could happen, but I doubt it. I have way too many interests for that sort of thing.

And of course there’s my other blog, the professional one, Mitch’s Blog, whose purpose isn’t necessarily to make money (though I do have Adsense on it; I’m not a fool after all), but to inform and show people that I have some competence with my main career as a consultant. Maybe indirectly it’ll convince someone to request my services, and I may make money that way, but it’s intention isn’t to do it straight out.

Still, a good question to ask is why it seems to matter so much to someone else why a person is writing whatever it is they feel like writing, and why it’s disturbing them so much. Truthfully, I read a lot of blogs, but there’s many more that I’ve taken a look at and decided I don’t want to read for one reason or another. It’s just like television; if you don’t like the program, turn the channel and watch something else. Not that I don’t find a blog post every once in awhile that gets on my nerve, but to rant against someone because they happen to be successful sounds like the people who gripe against musicians who allow their music to be used in commercials; life was never that pure to begin with, and it’s certainly not going to be that pure now.

For the moment, I have another career, so I’m sorry if I can’t put together 1,500 word tomes on my blog just to pad the stats. But I’m near 600 words; that has to count for something. And people, if you want to comment on my blog to try to drive traffic to yours,… by all means!

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7 thoughts on “Why Do You Write Your Blog?”

  1. Originally the intention for my first blog was to lift the PR of the website that it was linked to. After awhile I came to enjoy the writing aspect of it, and a little while after that I found that you could actually make money out of it. I now do it for the combination of the above reasons.

  2. And there’s nothing at all wrong with that, Sire. Course, you’re making money hand over fist compared to me; I’m gunning for you. 🙂

  3. Hi Mitch,

    I blog for two main reasons: (1) to pass on information I’ve learned the hard way and (2) to make fistfuls of money.

    Still working on the fistfuls part of it but the income is steadily increasing.

    As far as passing on information, I see so many people taking advantage of others who want to earn an income on the ‘net, but who don’t really know how to go about it. So, they whip out their credit card and buy stuff that offers the “secret” of getting rich over night, which we all know is impossible.

    Once I get all my ducks in a row, I’m going to write about what works for me in terms of making money online and what was a total waste of time and money.

    I’m hoping for an active interchange of ideas and experiences with others so we can help point out the best affiliate programs and help our readers avoid the black holes into which they throw money, time, and effort.

    Yes, I want to help people make money, and I want to get paid for it, too.

    After all, as a teacher and a consultant, I was paid well for the same type of information on different topics. I think it’s only fair to earn a good income for helping others based on my own experiences.

    If anyone doesn’t like what I’m writing about, they’re free to rant and rave and call me anything they want, as long as they spell my name correctly and link to my blog.


    Act on your dream!


  4. Seems to be an honorable reason for writing a blog, John, and I’m in pursuit of those fistfuls of cash myself. Course, if you do end up with those ideas on best affiliates and how to use them to make money, I’m always interested. 🙂

  5. I’ll be happy to share what I know and learn and I’m always open to learning from others.

    What I won’t do is promote things I know don’t work for me.

    Mitch and Sire, you’re both always welcome and I’m enjoying our conversations.

    Act on your dream!


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