Thomas Quinn is the former CEO of Community General Hospital in Syracuse, NY. For 4 years he had a personal blog where he talked about community developments his hospital was a part of, highlighted positive things employees and physicians did, and talked about philosophical and health care issues such as compassion.

Me, the CEO

When he was needed the most was the final year he was CEO, which was also the final year that the hospital was a standalone, before it merged with University Hospital in the same city. While many hospital executives might have tried to keep news quiet for fear of what the community might think about them, Quinn was front and center in talking about what was going on with the merger, with the unions, about the employees and how they were trying to save all jobs, and of course with his personal thoughts about why the hospital needed to move in this direction.

When the merger was complete he wrote his final post and moved on, but many people who followed his blog thanked him for keeping them in the loop; communities with hospitals feel a very close connection to them

While there have been some reports of more corporate CEOs stepping away from blogging, it’s interesting to see the names of people who are either continuing blogging or are just getting started. On August 1st 2012 the President and CEO of CLIA Cruise Lines, Christine Duffy, announced that she had started a new blog in June so that she could stay connected with customers, travel agents and others in the industry who she felt would be interested in the plans her company had and share some of the events that have taken place. You can imagine the openness of what she has to share and how people who visit her blog would feel both a connection to her and the company.

She’s not alone in the belief that CEOs can bring a different perspective, especially in today’s world where many people believe top executives in many companies are heartless monsters who only care about how much money they and their companies can make. Some of those names include: Bill Marriott, Marriott International; Mike Critelli, Pitney Bowes; Mark Cuban, Landmark Theaters and the Dallas Mavericks; and John Mackey, Whole Foods.

CEO blogs are very popular, especially for big name companies. They drive traffic to the blog, which means traffic to the site. The more traffic the site gets, the better it ranks in search engines, and thus it achieves search engine optimization principles by content, which is the way search engines want to see it. All it takes is a little bit of time and effort, and it’s free. Right now, your voice would be unique, and you’ll get a jump on your competitors.

You’ve probably heard how popular the TV show Undercover Boss is; CEOs that blog are in that category. I’m in that category as well. You can’t afford to pass it up.

By the way, this isn’t just for CEOs. Those of you hoping to get business or publicity of any type via social media should be blogging. Most of you who visit here are doing that; I just wanted to clarify it.

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