Lately I’ve had an interesting occurring with some of my posts. As soon as I write it, do all the background stuff I’m supposed to do to help the search engines find it, then save it, I’m already getting notified of a comment. Since I’m not vain enough to believe that someone is sitting there waiting for me to post my next bit of brilliance so they can read it, I decided to track back the trackback, as I noticed that’s what it was, rather than a regular post. Oh, a trackback is when someone likes what you’ve written in your blog, and they copy the link into a post they’re writing so others who read their blog will come to your blog.

In this instance, though, what was happening is that my post was ending up as a new post on someone else’s blog, based on the topic. All four of my posts on blogging ended up on another site, as well as the post when I alluded to a certain video about Britney Spears. I’m not naming the blogs because, well, I don’t want them getting this post also, since neither one of them had a place where you could write someone to complain, and of course they didn’t have an area for comments either. They did have Google ads on the site, though, which I’d thought was a violation of the terms of service, since they don’t have any original content.

Talk about the epitome of lazy. Probably the only people they get to their blogs are people who are wondering where they’re tracking back to, like myself. Being a repository for posts of someone else without writing anything won’t keep anyone on your site for long, and it certainly doesn’t encourage anyone to check out any advertisements you might have on your site. Yet, it must be some kind of viable model, otherwise there wouldn’t be as many of them out there.

We all love being quoted; we hate having our stuff stolen. Not sure what to do about it, though, other than decry it and move on with life.


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