To those of you who know, yes, that is a picture of Richard Dreyfuss. Notice the moustache? Well, have you noticed many others lately?

It occurred to me last week that it’s rare in today’s society to see a moustache. I’m not even sure why it hit me to start looking, but from the day I thought about it, I’ve been walking around, looking for people who actually have one.

I’ve noticed a couple of things. One, you don’t see all that many by themselves. You’ll see one with a beard of some type, but not all that often alone.

Two, most of the people who have them are older. By that, I mean people around my age and older. Moustache’s don’t seem to be popular with the young crowd at all.

My wife and I put this to the test this weekend. First, Friday night we went to see the movie Angels And Demons, which was pretty good, but changed a lot of things from the book. We first walked through the mall, and didn’t see a single person with one; that was interesting.

The second thing, of course, was to go into the movie. During the previews, the only person in any of the movies with a moustache was Richard Dreyfuss, which is why I picked him for here. In the movie itself, there was only one character who had a moustache, but he was Italian. Not that it changes lots of things, but I don’t know if my comment fits for countries other than the United States.

Saturday, we went out to our largest mall because we had to pick something up. As we walked, we didn’t see anyone with a moustache. We didn’t see anyone with one while walking around. We did stop for awhile for me to get some ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery, and during the half hour we sat, we saw 3 people walk by with moustaches. Each one of those guys was older than me; two of them were bald.

Sunday, our anniversary, we decided to go out for breakfast. During the hour we were there, only one person came in that had a moustache; once again, he was older than me, and balding on top.

Now, I could be way off, but this is what I’m seeing. I know there are some cultures where moustaches are big, but right now, I can’t think of any. The last thing I remember, though I don’t remember the full details, was someone saying they were thinking about growing a moustache, but didn’t want to look like a porn star. Talk about your old references!

So, tell me, what are you seeing these days? Am I right, or am I just not living in the same places that other people are living in, where it’s more prevalent?

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