When I started this blog, I said it was going to be many things, but I specifically mentioned it was going to be a personal and sharing blog. Today, it’s that, because I have to get some things off my mind.

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I just came back from a long walk outside in the cold and snow. I went for a walk, not because I wanted to exercise, but because I had to walk off some frustration and disappointment. My college basketball team, the Syracuse Orangemen, had just lost an embarrassing game, and I was stunned. Felt like I couldn’t breathe, so I went for a walk to clear my mind.

While walking, I was wondering why I seem to have so much passion for some of my favorite sports teams and not the same kind of passion for, well, almost anything else. What is it that makes us want to live so much through our favorite teams, or movies, or music, and not as much for ourselves sometimes? My wife isn’t like that; she pretty much hates all sports; couldn’t care less about them. I guess this is just my bugaboo…

While I was walking I also thought about some of the recurring dreams I seem to be having lately. Every once in awhile I have recurring dreams, but not usually four at the same time.

Sometimes a recurring dream is easy to figure out. For instance, one of the dreams I keep having is directly related to playing Scrabulous on Facebook (the online version of Scrabble that the original company might make Facebook remove) against a few people right now. My mind keeps trying to come up with different words, and I see the grid in front of me, and I always seem to be missing a letter somewhere; just like the real game.

Another dream seems to be somewhat related to Scrabulous is that there are conversations going on, sometimes mine, sometimes others without me participating, and there’s a rule which says that a person must pull one word out of their sentence, come up with another word instead, and then state the sentence again. It’s about communications and how we relate to each other, and I guess the premise is that sometimes we say the first thing that pops into our minds, but we may want a mulligan so we can try to better define what we mean, and that’s what this exercise is all about. I say “guess” because no one has explained the rules in the dream, it’s just something we do.

The third dream is about this one particular floor in some office building. What office building? I have absolutely no idea. However, over the course of a few days, I keep ending up on this floor at some point, only working in the very first dream, and people keep telling me that so-and-so can’t know I’ve been there, yet everyone is willing to go out of their way to help me along.

Last night’s dream actually had Tom Cruise working for this same company, and he and I were interacting with each other as though we’d known each other forever. Only he wasn’t a movie star, but just some guy who happened to work on this floor. What work they do is beyond me, but every once in awhile someone starts talking some very complicated computer stuff, and I keep thinking I must know it because why would I be remembering it in the dream? Of course, I can’t remember the specifics when I wake up, usually because I’m going right back to sleep.

Finally there’s dream number four, the odd one. Four nights in a row, my dad has appeared in my dreams, and in each dream he’s been in a hospital or medical facility of some kind, each time worse off than the time before. Thing is, Dad passed away in 2002, and we’re nowhere near the anniversary (June, Father’s Day that year). After the first dream he hasn’t been able to communicate with me, so I have absolutely no idea as to what’s going on. I keep trying to think if something happened in the last week that’s connected to my dad, but I’m coming up with nothing.

So there you go. Four non-related recurring dreams, and a bad beat in basketball. This has to be one of the strangest blog entries in history, but I guess that’s what makes me an original. How many of you have recurring dreams that don’t seem to make any sense? I guess I should be happy that they’re not the zombie dreams I’ve had for decades. 🙂

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