What Kind Of Razor Do You Use?

Off topic from the norm, but we have to shake things up every once in awhile, don’t we?

The first razor I ever bought for myself was the Gillette Atra. I bought the razor because it had two blades, and at the time, all other razors only had one blade. I wasn’t a big shaver at the time, so I didn’t have to use it daily, but as I got older, I did have to start shaving more often.

Anyway, I used that razor for a couple of decades, and I still have it,… well, not that same one, but the same brand, and it’s the one I use at home.

However, we’re always looking for the next big thing, right, so a couple of years ago, I decided to move up to the Gillette Fusion, because it had five blades. I mean, you’ll shave closer with five blades, right?

Truthfully, it does shave close. Too close, unfortunately. Even though I’ve used it for a couple of years while on the road, I finally realized that it was beating up my face. If you don’t push down hard enough it kind of drags across your face. But if you push too hard it irritates your face, or at least it irritates my face, and it feels like it’s breaking out all over the place, and you can’t do anything about it because it hurts to shave for a couple of days. I tend to have sensitive skin, so I should have known better, and I should have figured it out.

And you know what happened; I’m now on the road again, and which razor did I bring? I remembered, though, so I shaved relatively lightly the first week, and I just wasn’t feeling good at all. So I decided to go to the store in this area to buy another Atra. And, of all things, the store didn’t have one. Now I was stuck, because I don’t notice any commercials for razors these days, but I knew I had to get something. I then decided to buy a Gillette Mach 3 (doesn’t anyone else make razors besides Gillette?), mainly because it sounded somewhat familiar to me.

Oh yeah, Tiger’s in the commercial; that had to be it. Anyway, I get back to the hotel and don’t think about it until earlier this morning, as I was letting my face recover the entire weekend, when I finally open it up. And, of all things, it has three blades; man, I need to pay more attention to these stupid commercials!

Well, I was stuck. I knew that I couldn’t shave with the Fusion, so I decided to go ahead and shave with the new one. And it wasn’t a bad shave at all, but the jury will really be out in the morning when I’ll know for sure whether it’s made my face start hurting again or not. However, I have to say that, right now, I’m feeling pretty good, so that’s a good sign.

Oh yeah; I do have an electric shaver at home also, one that used to be my dad’s, but I don’t use it all that often, especially for work situations. I’ll sometimes grab it for a quick shave if I’m looking particularly scruffy and my wife wants to get out of the house on a weekend. I don’t know what brand that is, although I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s also a Gillette; my family tends to stick with certain brand names. Loyalty, thy name is Mitchell.

Of course, no one knows more about the art of shaving than Bugs Bunny, as he proved in this classic cartoon, The Rabbit Of Seville:

So, what kind of razor do you use, and why? Does it work well for you? I don’t know if women use razors with more than one blade on their legs, but y’all can contribute also, if you’d like.

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21 comments on “What Kind Of Razor Do You Use?

  • That’s a pretty interesting topic Mitch. I myself used those heavy Gillette razors that used to have a rotating grip which when turned the twin edges of the convensional blade (is it called army blade?) compartment used to come out split. That was my first razor back in late 80s. I used a British brand (I guess) blade by name Wilkinson with that razor. I used to love that blade which I belive gave the smoothest possible shave when done with utmost care 🙂 Then I used 7 0′ clock blades for a few years before switching to those twin blade ready shavers – Again it was 7’0 clock twins and then Gillette twin blades. I moved over to Mach 3 when it was introduced and when I thought Gillette crappy marketing technic will come up with Mach 4, 5, 6 and so on, I switched to the cheapest disposable Gillette travel razors. That’s what I am using now. For half a dollar or less you get a throw-away razor that you can use for three times or so. Works out pretty cheap 😆

    I still miss those Wilkinson blades…

    Ajith Edassery´s last blog post..Contact Commenters WordPress Plugin Released!

    • Thanks for sharing, Ajith. I tried using the disposable razors myself, but they just didn’t shave well for me. And the name “Wilkinson”; I remember that now.

  • Merkur Progress adjustable safety razor (1 blade! *gasp!*) and Derby blades (made in the Middle East): $0.17 per blade when purchased in bulk. But really the lather is more important than the blade! A traditional lather soap or cream applied with a shaving brush, and proper shaving technique, will give you a great shave with almost any razor. Check out the traditional shaving subculture at web forums like shavemyface, badgerandblade, and theshaveden. You also might find my youtube ‘how to shave properly’ channel useful too (at website link).

    • Thanks Mantic. I’ve never thought all that much about the stuff one puts on your face before shaving, except I did buy this one thing some years ago that irritated my face before I even started shaving. One blade? I didn’t even know they still made single blades, other than disposables.

  • Well, this is a little personal, isn’t it? Oh, well, we’re all friends so what the hay!

    I used to use a pink one! I could be guaranteed that it was a ‘lady razor’ if it was pink (or purple) and then it didn’t hack my delicate legs to shreds!

    I tried using the green ones, but the shower looked like a scene from Psycho by the time I was done and my little black dress didn’t look at all pretty with all those little bits of blood soaked tissue dotted all over my shins.

    To tell the truth, as the years have progressed into menopause, I woke up one day and thought ‘Hmmm… not enough growth to shave today’ and left it. Each time I looked, there didn’t seem to be enough hair to warrant the effort and after a couple of months, I realized that I didn’t have any hair on my legs at all!

    Now, had the green razor scared the hair away? Well, checking my forearms, I realized that I didn’t have hair there either and I had become painfully aware of having to ‘draw’ eyebrows every morning!

    So, my friend, the bottom line is that I don’t use a pink razor any more – or even a green one….. I have no hair on my limbs! Fortunately, I still have hair on my head.

    Perhaps you should try the green razors, Mitch and perhaps after a few mishaps, perhaps you will never have to shave again (like me!) and yes, I believe they might have been made by Gilette.

    Having tackled THIS delicate subject, I feel that I could comfortably respond to other personal blogs, so have at it, Mitch!


    • You’re killing me, Althea; pink and green? LOL I don’t know that I could handle the looks if I walked in and picked up a pink razor. Unfortunately, I don’t think think those razors would have the same impact on me.

  • i use a schick quattro (gillette has a long history of animal testing, so i try to avoid their products). it has (shocker) 4 blades.

    but mantic’s right…a lot of it is prep and technique. i find that if i put a steaming-hot washcloth on my face for a minute or so before lathering, it does less damage to my skin.

    also, i grow the kind of hair that is a full beard in about five days; i could reasonably shave twice a day (which is why you often see me with a beard, rather than taking the time — i think it was tom robbins who wrote, “you’re born, you die, and in between, there’s maintenance.”)

    josh´s last blog post..November: Looking back, looking forward

    • I’ve seen your beard, Josh, and I’ve also seen you with much less of a beard, so that explains it all. And maybe I should think about popping a warm wt towel on for a little bit before shaving. Every once in awhile I’m thinking that maybe I should shave in the shower after I’ve washed, but I never seem to remember it while I’m in the shower.

  • I used to use the Philips electric razor, and then the Braun, but neither were as close as a razor. My preferred razor was the Gillette twin blade but know I prefer not to shave at all. Every couple of days I just use a trimmer and trim the beard close to my face. Saves time and money.

    Sire´s last blog post..Being The Perfect Blog Host

    • You mean this classic face in the picture is sometimes marred by Wolverine like stubble? lol The Atra is a twin blade, but I have to admit that, thus far, the triple blade doesn’t feel so bad, though I’m not sure it shaves much better than the Atra.

  • John Dilbeck says:

    Interesting topic, Mitch.

    Many years ago, I realized how much I hated shaving. I grew a beard. Still have it.

    When I have to look a bit prettier, I trim a bit with a straight razor or a cheap Bic disposable, depending on how much of a hurry I am.

    If I have time, I go to the barber and let him trim and shave while I sit there and relax.

    Have I mentioned that I hate shaving?


    • John, I think you mentioned that you hate shaving, but if you need to clarify it more go ahead. LOL I hate shaving myself, but my face gets irritated if I keep a beard longer than 3 weeks, and then it just has to go.

  • Katty Wayar says:

    don’t tell anybody, but I use a man’s razor. I just find them more effective! LOL

  • I gave up electric shaving (Philips, Braunm …) long ago. With my strong beard, I might just as well not shave at all.

    But now hte trend with razor blades is crazy! I’ve been shaving with a 2 blade razor from Gilette for 20 years, now from time to time I use a three blade type from Wilkinson. But 5 blades, or I even found a 6 blade yesterday!!? What’s the point? You can get a perfect shave with 2 blades, the rest looks like marketing to me … look, mine’s bigger than yours!

    And the price setting of these things is also crazy. The Wilkinson 3 blade disposables are cheaper than the exact same blades as replacement on a reusable razor.

    I’m not going beyond 3 blades, I think, Certainly not after reading your story.

    • Thanks for commenting, Luc. I think there was a parody on TV somewhere about a razor blade with 25 blades; I can’t imagine anything more than 3 ever again.

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