What Could You Do In 36 Hours?

There’s a show that comes on the Food Network that has captured my attention and, strangely enough, motivated me to a point where my production overall has increased in the two weeks since I discovered it.

The show is called Restaurant Impossible, and what happens is this guy named Robert Irvine, a master chef, goes into a restaurant with a $10,000 budget and 36 hours and transforms restaurants so that they look good, the food tastes better, and hopefully the restaurant will start to turn a profit. He has help in re-designing the restaurant but everything else is on him, including changing the perceptions of the people who work in the restaurant, including the owners, which sometimes means bringing family members together to get things done and move forward in a positive direction.

As I said, it all has to be done in 36 hours, which includes teaching the cooks how to prepare both new meals and improve on what they’re already creating, training the waitstaff on new menus and proper customer service, teaching owners how to assess their expenses and revenue, and many other things. It’s never easy but always amazing, and Irvine has such great energy that it makes you feel like you’ve been slacking your entire life.

Something I come across often is hearing people tell me they don’t have any time to blog, or to write, or to market, or to do… well, you name it. True, all of us have to give something up every once in awhile because we only have so many hours in the day and we need to eat and sleep. But what do we do with our time when we’re awake and ready to go?

I’ve been pretty productive over the last couple of weeks. I’ve written tons of articles, and I’ve been working on editing my second book and moving along nicely, though part of me thinks I should be moving faster. The thing is that I have produced more in the time I have, and that’s important to me. I’m not someone that believes necessarily in having a blogging schedule, but I do believe that having a schedule helps us all get things done, and that I’ve also been doing. It’s my bet that Irvine follows a set schedule for how he turns around these restaurants.

How productive can you be in the next 36 hours? How about the next 100 hours? What does the little clip below do for you?


25 thoughts on “What Could You Do In 36 Hours?”

  1. First of all, I LOVE THIS SHOW! It’s inspiring to see people’s lives turned around. I only wish every restaurant had this same opportunity. if they watched the show, they could learn a lot though!

    You’ve put a lot of great thoughts in my mind. Now I’m just wondering, “what am I going to do in the next 36 hours?” Something crazy?! Spontaneous? Fun? Super productive? Redesign?

    The possibilities are endless. Isn’t life great?! ESPECIALLY when you race against TIME!

    1. Yes they are Christian; it really makes you think and wonder what you could accomplish with the right burst of inspiration. I’m working on that right now, but Monday mornings aren’t my best time for it. lol

  2. I haven’t heard about this show yet, but it seems to be really interesting. I can’t picture myself how significant changes could be done from that money, but I’m curious what a master chef could do with an average restaurant. I’m looking forward to see it!

    1. It’s a good show Julie but we’re not really talking about the show as much as what you could see yourself producing if you only had 36 hours to change your life.

  3. What I noticed is that sometimes you need to strip back to basics, clear away all the crud that’s weighing you down before you get re-energised and refocused so you can start again.

    1. That’s pretty much the way he does things in these restaurants Sue, but I’m thinking it would be kind of hard for people to do a lot of that type of thing in 36 hours, although he will change minds with his forceful personality.

  4. I am very productive in the last 2-3 weeks, but I am spreading efforts on 2 new web development projects, my main project and my full time job. I think the reason is similar, I just bought DVD of first and second season of Star Trek Enterprise and similar to you, I love this series, before that I’ve completed “The Next Generation”, but I must admit that I favor Jonathan Archer compared to captain Pickard, wow. Very often, actually on daily basis I boost my creativity with music and movies, this works very well in most cases.

    1. Wow Carl, Archer over Picard? No way! lol You’re always working, and in a way I’m in that mode, but I know I don’t focus as much as I probably need to and I also am not sure, if I had to, that I could accomplish just anything. A great challenge would be to see if I could start at 9AM one day and in 36 hours generate around $10,000. I think to so almost anything we have to have some kind of idea of what we want to do and what we believe we can accomplish. Now it’s something I need to think about. 🙂

      1. Haha, well there is no comparison, they are very different, I think both are very emblematic people in sci-fi world. By the way what do you think Will Riker or T’Pol?
        About that much, I have achieved that overnight with online forum in the middle of 2004, but there were more than 9000 members, since that particular day, I could never repeat this from web business no matter how hard I try.

      2. Carl, Riker of course. T’Pol turned out not to necessarily be an effective leader, although it seems based more on the fact that in that time Vulcans weren’t trusted as they were later on in the Star Trek universe.

  5. They say you learn something new everyday, I just have. This guy is British, a Gordon Ramsay without the swearing and the ranting and I’ve never heard of him!

    He’s got real professional pedigree according to wikipedia having served on the Royal Yatch Britannia, White House, Donald Tumps empire yet I dont think he’s well known over here in the UK!

    Back to the topic, I’ve been very busy productive myself having setup some social media management and syndication processes, some content curation processes all in a few days.

    The key is clarifying your objectives on paper, implementing the tasks, then reviewing them and hope you see results as they are added to your work routines – all without the TV cameras of course!

  6. Mitch, I’ve watched that show and have enjoyed the transformation of the people involved. Everything is about attitudes.

    Personally, I merely have to turn off the web browser for 36 hours. Whenever I have a web-free weekend, I accomplish much more.



    1. Mitch, I think that would freak me out completely. Since everything I do is web related, I need my browser, ergo my computer. But I’m thinking I should still be able to accomplish some of these things by using the computer.

  7. oh! my God. I simply can’t believe that. The video has created a jaw dropping effect. Super cool. Thanks for sharing!

  8. you really amazed me by sharing this video. amazed to see how little changes makes a lot of difference and how we can bring a big change in anything by working through mind.

  9. You really have to get yourself in the right mindset… I’ve tackled some pretty big home improvement and academic projects before and found that I had to really commit to myself that I was going to pour 110% into that project and not settle for anything less… I can see however if someone had this mentality and drive ALL the time, that burnout would soon follow.

    1. Connie, I’m with you in thinking that it’s not something one could do on an overly consistent basis, but it’s still something to consider if you really had a major goal in mind, or if you’re in a “slack” mode and want to try to break out of it. Your home projects thing sounds like what I went through when I was writing my first book. I needed a motivation to get it completed and one came that was important enough for me to get it done quickly.

  10. There was a show years ago called ‘Changing Rooms’ that this is like – except that the guy presenting that couldn’t have been further from the guy presenting this one. (He looks more like a body builder than a chef! What the heck does he do, weight lifting with hot pans?) This sort of show cracks me up – the amount of preparation that must go into the production of an apparent three day transformation is probably several weeks, lol!

    What could I achieve in 36 hours? With my lack of energy, not much at all and that’s pretty much what I have to address and soon. I spend far too much time on the computer (which means sitting for too long) and as a consequence my health is suffering. But when I do have energy, I can usually achieve quite a lot in a short time because of OCD! 😉

    1. You sound like me here Val. But I’m working on the energy thing and have accomplished more than normal lately. It’s still not enough, but at least I’m pushing forward.

  11. I love Robert Irvine! He’s straight and to the point a;l the time. Thanks for sharing…


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