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I happened to come across a pretty good article on a blog called titled 50 websites you’ll wonder how you lived without, and, of course, it lists 50 websites that the writers believe are essential to our lives in some fashion. Whereas I’m not sure I’d want to go out on that kind of limb, I figured that I would highlight a few of the websites mentioned that I like.

Slide Share is one that I actually learned about before I read this article. A friend of mine uses Slide Share to upload every powerpoint she creates, and it helps spread the word about presentations she gives around the country. I’m giving this one a lot of thought as to whether I’m going to join in or not, because, whereas it’s fascinating to see some of the presentations, sometimes you feel a little bit lot when all you see is an image, or a few disjointed words that you’re not really sure what the author is communicating to you. Still, as a business tool, it’s pretty cool.

DaFont is just that, a site with literally thousands of different fonts. I’m kind of a font fanatic when it comes to some of the presentations and newsletters I create, and I love being able to change some things up.

Of course if you saw this post of mine awhile ago, you know I already participate in the affiliate program for Imagekind. It’s way more than just an affiliate program, though. The site has hundreds of thousands of images, and some are images that the photographers allow you to use for your own sites or any other reason without having to worry about copyrights. You just have to pick the right photographs, and you’re all set. But being able to actively look at pictures that you might also want to purchase makes visiting this site worth it.

Since I mentioned DaFont, I have to also mention, which also has a plethora of great fonts. Yes, some are duplicated on the other site, but many others are totally original.

eHow is a site that gives you information and answers to many questions covering a wild gamut of areas. I’d also been to this one before reading the article, and have found it a great resource for many things (such as trying to figure out where those blue stains come from in the washer sometimes when we know neither one of us in the house left a pen in our pockets).

Anyway, those are my five favorite sites that they mention, but that means there are 45 more for you to check out, to see if there’s anything there you can use. Enjoy reading!

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