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Should You Have A Website
- The Outline

  1. Informational

    1. Write as much or as little as you wish
    2. Show your products or services and expertise
    3. Direct others to your site
    4. Forum for continually updating or changing information
    5. You control what gets out about you
    6. Express yourself visually and verbally

  2. Online Sales

    1. Local
    2. Nationally
    3. Internationally
    4. Accept credit card payments for offline business

  3. Advertising

    1. Usually less expensive online
    2. Reach is further
    3. Easier and quicker to change and test
  1. Price of creating a website

    1. Domain name costs run between $2.99 and $9.99 for most sites, but some can cost upwards of $5 - $50,000 if you wish to purchase an already owned site
    2. Hosting sites can run from between $2.99 to $15.00 a month
    3. Creating a site can cost between $1,000 and $20,000

      1. Depending upon complexity
      2. Depending on number of pages and extent of help you can offer
      3. Depending on things such as optimization and research

  2. Time

    1. Content must be updated on some basis
    2. Need to verify that things are working
    3. Updating information from time to time

  3. Extras

    1. A bad website can detract from your message
    2. Picking the wrong companies to work with can hurt you

      1. Cheap isn't always good online
      2. Fancy isn't good unless you're already well known
      3. How can you tell who you can trust?
      4. Marketing; what to spend, how to spend, where to spend, and how to do

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