Take a look at this:

My site is worth $9263.7.
How much is yours worth?

This comes via a website called Website Outlook. It’s another in a long line of websites that will do an evaluation of your website and give you its opinion of what it’s worth. Then it creates the little profile that I’ve put into this post as something you can post. I decided that it said this blog was worth enough to post it here.

It also gives you some other statistics, such as Alexa rank, Google page rank, daily visits, etc. A statistic I thought was somewhat interesting was the number of backlinks it says I have, which is 2,557; funny, that’s not what Google says, but I’ll take what I can get.

One small issue I have is that there’s a tab that states “blogs”, which makes one believe it will rank your blog against other blogs, kind of like Technorati or some other service. Unfortunately, as of the time of writing this article it’s not working, so that was a little disappointing. Overall, it’s just another free website that will give you some new information; go ahead and take a look.

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