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I just came across a website that I think anyone who makes websites, has a website, or just wants to check out a website, should give a shot.

It’s called Website Grader, and what it basically does is goes through your website and the web and gives you a report on how your site is graded against general standards and then against the web itself.

I decided to run this site through it, just to see what it came up with, and it was pretty illuminating. The first thing it did was give me an overall grade of 84 out of 100; that was the highest out of all my websites, so I’m not mad.

Next it talked about what it calls online SEO, and its evaluation was intriguing. For one, it doesn’t show my site as having a description, which I guess it wouldn’t since it’s a blog, but I have to figure out how to get one in there, I guess. It found all my metatags, and did an evaluation as to how well I’m touching upon my keywords, which I got to suggest. It also doesn’t like font tags, preferring that I use CSS instead. I found that slightly interesting, since the blog is set up with CSS, but I know it’s because I use font tags to highlight links I’d like you to know about, such as the one for the website I’m talking about. It also talks about “Hx” tags and images, and I have to admit that I haven’t thought much about putting any “alt” tags in the images I’ve put on this site; I’ll have to rectify that at some point.

Next it talks about offline SEO, and that’s also intriguing. It first tells you how old your site is, and when its registration is up. It tells you what your page rank is, then it tells you how many pages are indexed by Google. That’s not such a bad thing to know, that’s for sure. It also tells you the last time Google indexed your site; that’s great also, since it seems they do it more regularly than we might think.

Now, here’s where it started getting good. It tells you what your traffic rank is, and this site is in the top 1.97%, per Alexa. Yeah, I know, let’s beat up on Alexa some more. Anyway, it then told me that, as a blog, it’s in the top 1.5% per Technorati; and here I was thinking I wasn’t getting any love whatsoever from them. And it says I have 837 inbound links; I’m not mad at that either.

There’s other stuff that may or may not be important, depending on your perspective, but, the way I see it, all information is good information, whether you use it or not. I will say that I also ran this program for my main site, and I’m glad I did. It seems that it shows the “www’ portion of my site as having 3,038 inbound links, but the non www part of my site having 3,020, and told me that if I set up 301 redirects I’d get credit for all of them and it would help my site rank higher. I’d never even thought about it, so I did that, as well as a couple other changes, and immediately improved my rank by six points.

This is a great informational SEO tool, and you’ve got to check it out.

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2 comments on “Website Grader

  • Clyde Dennis says:

    Thanks for this. I actually stumbled upon Website Grader a while back but didn’t bookmark it at that time and thought about and have tried to find it a few times since. Your post here has helped me re-discover it.

    Thanks again,


    Clyde Dennis´s last blog post..Web 2.0 Sites: Website Builders Daily Digest

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