Did you know Eddie Murphy supposedly washes his hands 15-20 times a day? Many thought he was obsessive compulsive until he explained that he shakes a lot of hands in a day and knows many men don’t wash their hands, and since he doesn’t want to take any chances with his health he’s constantly washing his hands.

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I don’t blame Eddie one bit. I always wash my hands after I’ve gone, no matter which way, and I always cringe when I see men leave without doing so themselves. I always imagine that I’m going to walk out the door and one of them is going to want to shake my hand, and I’m going to cringe when they come near me. There’s presently a commercial on TV where you see a guy walking around with a toilet attached to his arm to indicate he hasn’t washed his hands, and people are shirking to get away from him whenever he puts his hand out.

It’s been proven that many diseases are spread by bad hygiene as it concerns the hands. The spread of hepatitis in my county many years ago by people not washing their hands in restaurants led to us passing a plastic gloves law for anyone handling food. Studies have come out recently saying that most colds are passed by hand-to-hand contact and could be eliminated if people used soap and water on their hands. And don’t let me get started about the recent news story about lemons; ick.

So, please, men and women, wash your hands when you come out of the bathroom. If you’d like to see more, take a look at this link from the Straight Dope people.

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