Wanna Be A Big Time Marketer? Let’s Trade Links

I’ve started to notice more and more why the master internet marketers are, well, master internet marketers. I think I’ve always known it, or at least for the past 3 or 4 years I’ve known it, but I’ve never talked about it until now.

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How many folks got at least one letter from someone whom you subscribe to about Stompernet in the last few days? How about two? I received it four time from four different folks.

This is number one, and it actually fits a pattern. When Joel Comm’s latest Adsense book came out, I got that email from multiple people. The master internet marketers all know each other somehow.

Maybe they’ve met at conventions, or maybe they’ve just set up joint ventures with each other through one of the many JV sites out there. Those whose lists might not be as big but have a big following through their blogs also get into the game.

Tonight I’ve already seen 4 or 5 references on blogs and through email to this site called timetogiveback.org; I’m not linking to it, but you can check it out if you wish because it just might be as worthy a cause as it purports to be.

It would make sense because we can then move onto number two; each of these folks has a large mailing list, so it behooves them to spread the wealth. I would be willing to bet that the top 10 internet marketers have access to at least 10 million email addresses. What a powerful list something like that has to be, right? Those who make their money through their blogs also have to be feeling pretty good; one of the blogs I follow mentioned that they average 1.5 million visitors a month; wow!

Number three, each of these folks knows how to write their own copy, in their own style, when jumping on the bandwagon. The Rich Jerk, for instance, obviously has his own insulting style that still gets people to buy stuff from him. Armand Moran has a much more subtle style, as does Alica Seba; these folks are good.

I’m not griping, by the way. I want to be them, kind of. Any of us who are hoping to make money on the internet want to be like them. We want people to come to our sites, read what we have to say, think we’re geniuses, then buy something from us so we can live to write another day.

What the rest of us are missing are big numbers. That’s because we haven’t yet learned the art of networking with each other so that we can grow like the big time folks have done. We don’t link to each other’s blogs as much; we don’t communicate with each other when sending out our products to our meager listings. We haven’t quite figured out how to set up our own JV’s. We’re the wishers of the bunch, not even classified as pretenders to the throne.

I read one blog where the writer said he decided to concentrate his first year on getting as many visitors to his blog as he possibly could. I think that’s what I want to do with this blog. I want a lot of readers and visitors. I want people to come look at my stuff, and continue coming back because they think I’m relevant. Who doesn’t want that?

There are many ways to do this. One of those ways is to link to other blogs and have people link back. So, this is an open call; I want to trade some relevant links with other bloggers.

What’s relevant? There are two things to think about. One, who are your normal readers? Two, what do you like to read? Put both of those together, and there you go. Take a look at my blogroll to see who I’ve linked to thus far. Then take a look at five or more posts I’ve made on this blog to see what it’s about. I’d do the same for you, as I do it anyway. I’m sure we’ll find compatibility, and we can help each other grow.

It sounds a little bit like begging; hey, we do what we do, right? Hey, I ain’t too proud to beg sometimes. And since I said that, let me share TLC’s version of those words:


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