Once again, it’s been proven, at least to me; folks just love posts with lists of things they can comment on, whether they agree or not.

My most recent post on sci-fi movies proves that it’s a great way to get visitors engaged. And it’s gotten lots of visits also, which is why I paused a bit before writing a new post here.

Of course, the other side of that is that list posts are popular if people know about you to begin with. I started getting more buzz about this blog around October or November, so a few posts from a period before that didn’t get quite as many visitors or comments. I want to highlight some of both types, if I man, just to bring them back to the forefront for one more go round.

Let’s start with this one, as it’s probably the one that’s not quite a full list. It was actually my commentary on another blog post giving reasons why some people should stop blogging, and I commented on a few of the points the originator brought up.

The next one to talk about was in response to something similar I saw on another blog regarding the top five presentations in history. It has to be since you’ve been alive, which knocked out Franklin Roosevelt’s speech and, of course, Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, since I not quite THAT old. lol I think it would have been interesting if someone had shared their thoughts on this post and given some examples of their own; it got nothing. It might be a bit too deep, but so be it.

This next one was another I thought would get a lot of attention. Once again, I was inspired by something on another person’s blog and wanted to give it my shot. The soundtrack of your life idea was to find three songs that explained your life to others. I also added the videos to each song, which the original person did too. Was this one too scary for most folks?

This one did get a lot of attention and comments, as I basically talked about my favorite blog posts for my first year in existence. This one brought back some good memories, and helped to highlight other posts that might not have gotten much attention, but I felt deserved it.

And finally, one of my most visited posts ever on this blog, where I gave my own top 100 singers of all time opinion, based on a Rolling Stone poll that I thought was way off the mark. I mean, if they’re not singers, they shouldn’t count. There’s certainly lots of things to debate on here.

And there you go. And look, a list post about lists; what could be better than that.

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