Verify Information That’s Not Yours

Well, yesterday was an interesting day in this country, at least in Florida. I decided that I needed to address this issue, especially on this blog, and further decided that it needed to be a video. The title speaks for itself; anyway, here’s the video:

I hope I got my point across, and I’m doubting there’s anyone who can dispute what I said there. Yeah, I know, it might take some time here and there to do it, but in many cases I think it’s important enough to do. You never know who you might hurt by not doing it.

See, short post, short video; I can do it. 🙂

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19 comments on “Verify Information That’s Not Yours

    • Mitch Mitchell says:

      Thanks DiTesco. I felt it was something that had to be addressed, and I remember Kristi Hines writing about the subject once around the same time I touched upon it in a much different way.

  • Sheryl Loch says:

    Somebody mark the calendar! Mitch and I agree!
    I couldn’t believe that someone like Spike Lee who is all over people having rights and treated fairly would do such an irresponsible thing.

    Yes, there were other big names that also sent out or posted on Facebook and they should all be out in force to rectify their ignorance. That couple could have been killed if some wackjob would have gotten a hold of that address.

    I think it would be terrifying to have people start showing up at your house and most of them probably angry.
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    • Mitch Mitchell says:

      Same here Sheryl, especially if you have no idea what’s going on. He’ll end up paying one way or another for that faux pas, even if others did it as well. Caution should always be employed unless one verifies stuff themselves.

  • Very Interesting Mitch! I mean this is short but through provoken as what we do online from morning till the night when you phone battery says charge me back! Especially when we share things on twitter… sometimes you only retweet it just because you like the title of it!

    I think we should reconsider this act and consider reading it full before acting wild and share everything we see online…

    • Mitch Mitchell says:

      Thanks Mark, and that was the intention I set out to state in the video. It’s so easy for us to just pass stuff on without verifying it.

  • Great post, and I totally agree, the information must be always verified, if it’s not the authors own. Sometimes, the most blog posts sound really interesting, but after reading more posts, I recognize that they’re all copying each other. And I have no idea where’s the original idea from.
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  • Mitch, we have a sentence in my home country which litteraly says “If somebody say that you sister is a …., after that try to explain that you are only child”. In in social media and internet, information is spreading very fast and most times it is not verified or can not be verified. I think everybody have retweeted misleading information at least once.

    • Mitch Mitchell says:

      You’re probably right about that Carl, and it’s a shame. But maybe with this post some people will at least think about it some before doing it all that often.

      • I rarely retweet blog posts, also try to avoid retweeting news from official media, which also can be misleading sometimes, but quite often do that for quotes and thoughts.

        On Friday somebody from China have retweeted one of my latest articles, I’ve got 72 other retweets and 1700 visits exactly from China, I have never even thing about that.

      • Mitch Mitchell says:

        Carl, that’s the importance of retweets, and why it can be a benefit but also must be treated with great care in many instances.

  • Oh my word Mitch! Those poor people being driven out of their homes. I bet they were so shocked when they learned what the heck was going on.

    I did read that story but I learned a while ago to not forward any information like that. There are always two sides to the story when a story like that breaks so until the truth is researched a little more, I prefer not getting involved in spreading it around. It’s not like I don’t care but like you said, information is wrong all the time so until it’s verified you are really just hurting yourself. In this case, other people as well.

    Thanks for putting this message out there. You are so right. Check your information before you share. Great message!

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    • Mitch Mitchell says:

      Thanks Adrienne. In the end we’re not only caretakers of ourselves but of others, and when we have an audience anywhere in social media we have to be ready to be responsible for our actions.

  • Hi Mitch,

    That’s a great point and I do wish more people would do what you’re practicing. I do what you do also, it does take a bit longer to verify links/info I’ve been forwarded, but in the long wrong it is best since I’m not helping to spread misinformation.

    With my sites that allow comments, I’ll (occasionally) do that with new commentators, especially if their comment sounds a bit ‘off’ just to make sure they’re not spamming the same canned message they’ve left on other blogs.
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    • Mitch Mitchell says:

      Thanks Opal. Interesting thought about posters. If I think it’s dodgy I just move it to spam, which is harder these days because some of the posts have your name in them and thus you think it might be legit. The things people will do for money, right? As for the rest, always better to be safe than sorry when it pertains to other people’s lives.

    • Mitch Mitchell says:

      I can understand that to a large degree Ajith. Still, the way I see it I can’t afford to not know what’s being said or what’s going on and, if it’s wrong, take a shot at getting it corrected. That’s just me. However, dropping my Klout account has brought me a different kind of peace I hadn’t really expected; not sure what that says about me.

    • Mitch Mitchell says:

      Thanks Lynn. The smartphone is just so easy to do this type of thing and it’s something I can do laying down, which is so neat.

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