A few days ago I wrote about the problem I had upgrading one of my blogs to the new WordPress 2.8, and how things weren’t looking good at all.

Well, y’all know me, and so you know I couldn’t just let that sit and not do anything about it. So, I went to Google and started my research. What I came across was that WordPress 2.8 may not be compatible with some plugins. I had deactivated all my plugins when I updated my finance blog, Top Finance Blog, which I had to do manually because the automatic upgrade doesn’t work for some reason, and when it was finally working of course I had the initial issue I talked about last time, and my dashboard didn’t look right.

What I decided to do was go in and deactivate all my plugins, just to see what came up. Lo and behold, my dashboard was suddenly there, vibrant as anything. This meant it was time to add each plugin back individually to see which one was causing me grief. I did this, and it turns out I had four plugins giving me grief:

* WP Threaded Comments
* Subscribe To Comments
* Backup WordPress
* Tweet My Blog

I don’t know why ‘Subscribe’ and ‘Tweet’ aren’t working yet, but I do know about the other two. It seems that WP 2.8 added a threaded comments to its default theme, and therefore you don’t need a separate plugin for that anymore. I went into the Discussion panel and saw it there, selected it, and went to see how it looked. I saw that it had the threaded comments set up, but there wasn’t a ‘reply’ link to reply to a certain comment.

I knew I still had a problem, so I went to research it again, and came to this post on a blog called I’d Rather Be Writing titled WordPress’s Threaded Comments. It seems that because WP changed its default theme, and most of our present themes don’t have provisions set up in them already for threaded comments, because of age, that you have to do some coding and file changes to get things working and looking correct again. I did them, and now my comments is working great on that blog. This is dicey stuff, though, so if you don’t have the confidence in yourself, find someone who does.

Of course, things are what they are, so after I made all those changes, something happened to my dashboard again. So I went through each plugin in once more, and this time the Broken Link Checker has to be added to plugins that won’t work with WP 2.8. I actually like that one a lot, so I’ll be doing further research on that one, as well as the others, to see if I can figure out what the deal is. This means more will be coming at some point, but at least now I’m happy with what I’m seeing on my other blog’s dashboard.