So our friend Lynn Terry of Clicknewz had a post yesterday titled Doing It The Hard Way. In the post, she’s busting out against folks who create all these things that tell us how easy it is to make money on the internet, charge us an arm and a leg, and yet we continue buying from the next person, then the next person, on and on, and getting deeper and deeper into trouble and confusion, yet still don’t make any money.

A part of me wonders about all of this. I mean, is it a lack of truth in marketing? Is it just that we don’t get it right? Is it that these folks are continually raising the bar and hammering us with the next great thing, and they keep doing it because many of us continue to buy from these people over and over?

If you remember, about two weeks ago I wrote a post asking do we hate marketing, and I was relating how John Chow said he wanted people’s email addresses so he could continue to send them things because he was an internet marketer. I didn’t mention it in that post, but I’m fairly reluctant to capture people’s email addresses unless I’m going to be providing them something of substance on a continual basis, such as what I do with my business newsletters, and the only marketing I do there is to highlight books I think are related to the topic I’m writing about that week. I’d even mentioned it to Lynn in the past that it was something I was reluctant to do.

I’d never really thought about why until yesterday evening, when I was talking to someone I participated in another internet interview with Beverly Mahone on blogging (download by right clicking on “blogging”) afterwards. We got to that point and she asked me why I wouldn’t do it. I thought about it and then I realized it’s because most of these people continually send me products concerning the same exact thing over and over, and frankly, one gets tired of it after awhile. Sometimes it’s twice a day, every day, until you finally unsubscribe to keep your sanity. See, one reason I like someone like Paul Myers and Talk Biz News is that he may market something with each newsletter, but he gives something also, advice, something to think about, etc. And it’s not an every day thing either; maybe once a week, if he’s in the mood.

So, it begs the question again; is it truth in marketing if, each time you hear from some of these guys, they’re either escalating the product, saying in effect “yeah, that last thing was good, but this is even better?” Is it our fault for falling for the same tricks and gimmicks as in the picture each time?

As a sidebar, last week my wife had some people come to the house to price out a rooffor us. I’ve been through this kind of thing before, and knew what was coming, so I didn’t participate, instead staying back in my office and working through the whole thing. This time, two people came, a husband and wife team. They were here 3 hours, talking and showing my wife all kinds of stuff. After they finally left after 9PM (ugh!), I asked her what they said the damage was; $29,000! I said that I was betting they were going to call again in a couple of days to offer a reduced price on it. After all, the same thing happened when we moved into this house, when this guy was here 4 hours (save me), quoted us a price for windows for our house of $36,000, and after I laughed him out the door had his company call twice, first offering to do it for $16,000, then offering one last time to do it for $9.000; weasels.

In this case, I was off one day, but only because my wife hadn’t been home earlier to take their calls, which began the day after they left, and they are offering a major discount. Only they wouldn’t tell her over the phone. Instead, the “owner” is coming over on Thursday to offer her their bottom deal. Please! No, I won’t be home, because I don’t think I could hold myself again.

I want to be an internet marketer; that part is true. But I don’t want to beat people up on buying stuff that keeps on escalating. Show me something different, and don’t hit me over the head with it each and every day, maybe. But over the past year, my reluctance to sign up for almost anything has increased because I know what’s coming. Luckily, I have 11 email addresses, so I pick out the one that I won’t need to check all that often, and when I do, if I see a bunch of junk, I just unsubscribe and move on.

There is another way; I just know there is. And I’m going to keep trying to find it. Heck, maybe one day someone will actually click on, and buy, something from one of these ads like what’s below.