Tribute To The Horne

Lena Horne passed away Sunday night at age 92. That was one woman that most of us thought would never age at all. Even in her early 70’s she was stunning, and you wouldn’t have believe she was a day over 35 or 40.

That woman could sing. I don’t know anyone who ever heard Lena Horne who didn’t think she could sing. She was super good looking also; absolutely fabulous woman. Could she act? Well, that’s questionable, but she never really got a chance to do it.

She was classy and had pride. She refused to allow anyone to identify her as anything other than being black, and that was a big deal back in the day. Many early black baseball players used to be identified as Latino so they wouldn’t have to deal with as much racism as if they were straight up black. Lena Horne wasn’t having it, so it ended up limiting the movies she was in. Early civil rights activism killed many a career; she didn’t care, and that was another diamond in her favor.

This is a mini-tribute to the “Horne”, as she was sometimes known. I hope you enjoy these videos, which I also hope showcases just how talented she was.

Stormy Weather

You’d Better Love Me

If You Believe

The Incomparable Lena Horne

Price – $6.99

4 thoughts on “Tribute To The Horne”

  1. It seems that no matter how talented the person is, when they live many years past their prime, there’s a tendency to forget about them. When somebody like John Lennon or Michael Jackson dies while they’re still in the public eye, the resulting publicity goes on and on. Thanks for giving a little well-deserved attention to Lena Horne. I remember seeing her on many television shows and was always struck by those blazing eyes and her brilliant smile, as well as the classy way she carried herself. Boy, could we use some of that now.

    1. For sure, Charles. What’s funny is that I was just thinking about her a few weeks ago, wondering how she was doing, and then this news comes out.

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