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Back in November, I wrote a post about Alltop, and mentioned that it was kind of like Topix. Lately I’ve wondered if everyone else actually knows anything about Topix, so I thought I’d talk about it and how it might be a good fit for some blogs and some websites.

Topix is a news aggregator that’s been out there a long time, and you know the difference between the two as soon as you go to the main page of each. Whereas Alltop is set up so that you can put in a topic, then drill down to a more specific topic, Topix gives you news right from the beginning, in many topics, and you can hen search for what you’re looking for in many different ways. Every article you click on takes you to a story and then multiple other stories within the same topic. You even have the option of popping in a zip code or keyword at the top and looking for what you want that way. Therefore, you might want local news, or want to know about monsters (yup, I tried monsters), and it’ll give you news on it. You also have the option of looking up topics in general or within a certain area; for instance, when I went there earlier today, it was set for San Francisco news, but I could have looked for specific news items concerning San Francisco by topic; that’s pretty neat.

But there’s more, and here’s where the possible benefits for your websites and blogs may come in. Topix gives you the opportunity to find topics that might be related to your website or blog and allows you to add their feed to your site. To see what I mean, take a look at my Top Finance Blog, then look to the right. I’ve added four newsfeeds to that site, all of them related to financial news, since it’s a finance blog. It’s live news, which means those stories will be ever changing as the news changes. That’s an interesting way to keep updated content on your blog or website, and offers something to your visitors.

Let me tell you how to do it, though, because it can be somewhat confusing. You can’t get to what you’re looking for from the main page directly; at least I haven’t figured out how to do it. So, pick any news story or any category to start. When it takes you to the next page, you’ll then look for something that says “Also On Topix”, and it’ll have categories underneath it. From there is where you can go to search for whatever more specific topic you’re looking for. However, on every single page you go to, in the left column near the bottom, you’ll always find something that says “More XXXX News”, or something to that effect. The last choice you have every time is the option to add that particular newsfeed as a widget to your page. Click on that, and that’s where you’ll get the script, and it is a javascript program, that you can add to your site. And it has no color except for the feeds, so it blends in nicely with whatever colors your site has to be.

I’ve used Topix on two of my sites for years, and as you see above, just added it to my financial blog. I can’t think of a specific topic for this blog, since I talk about so many different things, so I won’t be adding it here. But for many of you, something like this might be just what you’ve been looking for.

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