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As Niecy Nash of Clean House would say, “today is reveal day”. Last week I wrote about purchasing an existing domain name, and some of you were wondering if I was going to share it. Well, what’s the purpose of having a new website/domain name if you’re not going to invite visitors?

So, I’d like to introduce my new website, which is actually a new blog, Top Finance Blog. The name pretty much says it all, but to add a little bit to the mix, the subtitle of the blog pretty much tells what it’s all about: Financial news, information and commentary. Of course, some of you may wonder just what the heck I know about finances, and if you’re basing it on my November report, I could see why.

My main qualifications are that I’ve been an independent businessman for over 7 years (which means I don’t work for the man; I AM the man! 🙂), I read a lot about financial types of things, and I not only like discerning information, but I like talking about it as well. Truthfully, there’s a lot I don’t know, which is why I’ll be learning along with you, if you decide to subscribe to the blog or check it out from time to time. And any advertising on that site, other than my Adsense link that will be added soon enough (you may see it by the time you read this), will be related to finance in some fashion, as you can see by the first ad on the site, someone you know I believe in, So, this means it’s a niche blog, of course.

I hope you visit the site, like the look of the site, and enjoy, so to speak, what you read there. Except for Justin’s posts, the guy I bought it from with the MBA in finance, I hope to make what’s printed there easily understood. I hope I understand it also; welcome!

Intuit QuickBooks 2009 Pro with Enhanced Payroll (up to 3 employees) - Financial Management - Complete Product - Standard - 1 User - Retail - PC

Intuit QuickBooks 2009 Pro with Enhanced Payroll (up to 3 employees) – Financial Management – Complete Product – Standard – 1 User – Retail – PC

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14 comments on “Top Finance Blog

  • Wow a new blog and your still away from home. Must be a new distraction to keep you from spending in the Casino’s. Will be following the new blog and hopefully learn plenty of tips. Cheers

    • Thanks Khaled. Yeah, I need more things to do to keep me from the casinos, especially on the weekend. LOL

  • I’ve left my first comment Mitch, and I must say that I love the new theme. As for being the ‘Man’ I reckon I am ahead of you there as I’ve been self employed for close to thirty years, which in no way means that I know any more than you do. 😉

    Sire´s last blog post..Does My Bum Look Big In This?

    • True Sire, but you also work with someone else, as in family, and I had to overcome the stigma of “get a job and take care of your family”. Still, I’m looking to reach your ultimate success.

  • The theme might need a redesign, but the wide comment section is what I liked most. Curious to know why the commenter pics seem “double-stacked”?

    • At this point the theme is the theme. I don’t know how to redesign themes, and I liked this one the best out of everything else I looked at.

      I hadn’t noticed the pictures looking like that; I’m going to have to investigate that one further.

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