Somebody stop me! After reading this post on Peter Lee’s blog last night (this morning actually, since it was around 3AM), I started thinking about adding a new WordPress plugin called Top Commentator, which lists the names of the people who comment on your blog the most.

However, I didn’t see it on Peter’s blog, so I followed the link he was supplying and, once again, I didn’t see it on her site either. Well, I figured that’s not the best way to highlight something, so I went to bed. This morning I went back for another look, and realized that Peter has his only showing on his homepage, and not on every page of his blog. Once I saw it, I decided it could add a nice touch, so I now have it on my blog also. I have decided to show it on every page, and I also decided to show the top commentators for the year, rather than for the month as Peter is doing, but that’s not necessarily cast in stone. Peter’s offering prizes for the top commenter’s each month, and in the future, as this blog starts monetizing itself better, I might do the same thing. Of course, if you check it out here, which right now is at the bottom of the right sidebar, you’ll notice that Sire is so far in front of everyone else for the year that I doubt anyone could catch him. However, if I set it up for the month, well, he’d still be leading, but it would be much closer.

Just another way to give the top visitors more link love, and since this is also a dofollow blog, it’s all good. So, now no one has any reason not to leave a comment, or two, or three, or more.

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