Toolbar Overwhelm

I guess it was time for this post. I know I can’t be the only person who is suddenly hating all these toolbars popping up all over the place. It’s almost to the point where you can’t go to any site or blog without having either the upper or lower part of your screen filled with a toolbar that won’t go away. Heck, even my buddy Sire had one (he might still have one, but it’s not coming up anymore & I haven’t seen him talking about it any).

At this point probably everyone has seen either this picture to the right or something like it. These types of toolbars are bad enough because it seems like every piece of software wants to load someone’s toolbar onto your computer. I already have a search engine I used that I specifically loaded myself; why the heck would I want to keep adding other company’s toolbars onto my computer like this?

You go to a news site these days and there’s a toolbar at the top. You go to close it and sometimes it doesn’t close, just reduces itself to this little tab that seems to be saying to you “go on, you know you want to use me; I’ll just be sitting here until you’re ready”. If I closed your toolbar I’m not going to use it; take it away! And, for whatever reason, Firefox’s Adblock Plus can’t block them; what the hey? Guess I have to find some software or plugin that blocks pop-unders, which is kind of what these things are.

Why are most of these sites loading toolbars? It all comes down to money; it always does. Everyone is getting paid to add a toolbar in some fashion. Software companies, if it’s not their toolbar, are getting paid. Blogs that add toolbars get paid if someone actually uses it. I doubt there’s one truly altruistic company out there putting out toolbars. Heck, even Google’s toolbar, which I stopped using, was getting something out of the deal, mainly tracking people who used it, even on their own computers, so they could target advertising towards them based on their surfing habits. I wonder what kind of ads Google sends to those folks who only search for porn all day, since they don’t accept advertising from adult related sites.

Either way, I have to say that I didn’t purchase this 22″ widescreen monitor so someone could invade and fill up my space with a toolbar. Please, if you’re going to use one, at least allow us to be allowed to totally close it and get it out of the way.

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12 thoughts on “Toolbar Overwhelm”

  1. Toolbars are certain intrusive, Mitch.

    Each time I download a helpful product (which isn’t often but sometimes required), there’s a toolbar add-on attached with the little box for it already checked.

    I always uncheck it before downloading the intended product, so my 20-inch screen includes only what I want on top.

    I can imagine that some people’s monitors are half filled with toolbars, severely limiting space to review sites. That’s when it’s time to hit the Control Panel section to remove what’s not needed.

    1. Isn’t it a shame, Shirley? I’m always having to remember to look for those check boxes myself, and even with that, sometimes you still end up loading something you missed.

      But all these sites I visit that have these large toolbars all over the place; ugh!

  2. Annoying, annoying, annoying! I just had my computer wiped clean and everything reloaded.

    No more toolbars- they were invading my space!

    1. Yeah, it’s irritating as sin, Carolee. And some of them do slow down one’s computer.

  3. I agree that they are annoying. I have a small older monitor & I certainly don’t want it filled up with toolbars.

    1. Exactly Rose. I mean, my monitor is large and those things just take it over, so if you’re using a smaller monitor it really has to be irritating for you.

  4. Well shut my mouth and call be a dumb bloke from Down Under! I never even realized it went missing. Thanks for bringing it to my attention Mitch, you’ll be glad to know that it’s back 😀

    Seriously though, some of those toolbars are a little over the top. Not mine though, it’s sits down there out of the way and you can even turn it off. It does also have features that some have used, like tweeting a post, comments and such/

    1. Actually Sire, you can’t totally close yours. It keeps that little bit open, and believe it or not, sometimes I have to scroll up to see what’s under it. What would be nice, knowing I’m not crazy about it, is if I could turn it off so that whenever I visited, it wouldn’t pop up again. Of course, that’s a cookie’s issue.

      1. Well that’s a pain. I just had a look and it doesn’t really cover anything when it’s closed as it’s sitting way over on the right completely out of the way.

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