Today was a pretty good business day, I must say. I’m shocked because it’s Sunday, and there was a snowstorm most of the day.

What made the day go so well? I landed a nice contract with one of my businesses that will either bring in nice money or big money, depending on whether they accept the entire contract or only a portion right now. It’s still pretty nice.

Then I was requested to participate in another program come the summer that will bring in a nice bit of change, and this is based on another area that I provide services for. That one hasn’t been totally secured, as someone else is negotiating it, but it looks promising.

I got to cash in a lottery ticket today also. No, I didn’t win the big lottery, but for once I won more than I actually paid out, so that’s a good thing.

And I sold an online item today; that’s an even bigger deal to me. I’m going to tell the truth on this blog as it pertains to some of my internet affiliate marketing projects, including my AdSense performance, and I can say that I’m not making a living online by any means. Still, I get a check here and there, and my earnings are increasing rather than stagnating or going backwards, so there’s always hope.

And, if my online businesses ever really take off, I won’t have to work on Sundays anymore! 🙂

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