Time Warner Kills Newsgroups

How did this one slip under the radar? Time Warner Cable has discontinued its newsgroup services as of June 23rd of this year. They cite it’s because of low subscriber usage, but anyone who believes that needs to buy swampland from me to build their houses on.

I discovered newsgroups pretty much after I got online over 10 years ago. It was the logical follow up to the old bulletin board system, and I liked it a lot. Took me a few years more to learn that I could access music and movie files through the newsgroups, and thus I’ve been able to circumvent the paid subscription services, which I enjoyed, even if I couldn’t specifically ask for content that I might really want.

In my mind, the truth is that the bandwidth that went into downloading these services, thereby bypassing Time Warner, who now offers its own music and movie services, wasn’t worth the cost anymore. That, plus there were some pretty unsavory groups out there that, a couple of weeks ago, many internet service providers agreed to stop allowing usage of, probably made this decision a no-brainer for the Time Warner people.

My only gripe is that they could have given some notice. It didn’t show up in any of their online newsletters, and it didn’t show up in the bills along with all the other junk they usually send. This one didn’t even make the newspapers or online news, and I’m surprised I haven’t read about it on any other blog up to now.

Okay, fine, I’ll take my ball and go play elsewhere; maybe. We’ll see; sniff!

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