Time Magazine’s 50 Best Websites Of 2009

Time Magazine has always been in the list business, and once again, they’ve come out with their 50 Best Websites Of 2009 list.

I always find one main thing interesting with lists like this. I know very few of these websites, and for someone like me, who feels like I’m always on the internet, that’s sort of freaky. I think it’s actually more of an age thing now. I tend to go to websites that I see listen through other people’s blogs, or from someone who mentions it on Twitter. I don’t just surf as much as I did in the 90’s.

Anyway, here are the few sites I’ve actually heard about:

1. Flickr
3. Delicious
5. popurls
6. Twitter
7. Skype
11. Google
12. YouTube
13. Wolfram|Alpha
14. Hulu
19. Amazon
21. Netflix
22. Etsy
31. Facebook

I’ve only given the links to sites I actually visit more than, well, once ever to be truthful. Actually, I should put Flickr on that list, but it’s never that I’ve visited because I want to check out their site. Rather, I end up there because someone else has posted an image that I want to see better, and it ends up being on Flickr.

How many of these sites, or sites on the main 50 list, have you ever heard of, or used? I will add that my wife is a major Hulu fan, but I’m not someone who can just sit and watch a TV show on my computer; I’m always doing something on my computer, which is why I have a TV in the room.

Maybe one day I’ll go back to this list, check out some of those sites, and then come here and write about them as though I discovered them. Nah; just don’t see that happening. After all, if Time knows about it, then how cool can it be? 🙂

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11 comments on “Time Magazine’s 50 Best Websites Of 2009

  • I’m surprised you’ve never used Skype or Hulu. Those are right up your alley. 🙂 You are not into taking and sharing photos so flickr wouldn’t interest you to use.

    Those others you’ve listed without links besides Netflix, I have no idea what they are.

    • Thing is, I’ve seen everything that I might possibly want to see on Hulu already, or taped it so I don’t have to watch there. As for Skype, gotta have someone you want to talk to, which I really don’t. I don’t even have a camera on this computer yet. One of these days,…

  • Hulu looks brilliant but only available in the US!! We’ve got BBC iPlayer but that’s restricted to a week after airing and only tings on the BBC.
    No fair!

  • Well, my list is quite similar as yours, Mitch. ^^ Haven’t heard most of the sites up there or maybe I just don’t surf that much these days.

    Social media sites definitely my picks of the day — Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google.. frankly I don’t use Skype that much either, more often with Google Talk, MSN instead.

    Hulu! ha.. well, obviously I can’t access that. I know there’s an alternative to solve it but just not that ‘eager’ enough.
    .-= Ching Ya´s last blog ..16 Social Bookmarking Plugins to Promote Your Posts =-.

    • Wil, I think Google’s missing because it’s not really a website, but a search portal. If they had their own content on the site, it would probably rank high.

  • It’s horrible… I didn’t hear about popurls, Wolfram|Alpha, Hulu and Etsy

    So what does that make me? I should check them out…

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