Instead of a long post about one topic, today I have a 3-fer for you, if I may.

I want to start off talking about website structure, and what you’re hoping for with your sites. I’m not talking blogs now, because for the most part everyone who blogs has a theme of some sort, either a free one or a paid theme, and the rules are pretty much set. Instead, I’m talking about a regular website; what do you want it to look like, and what are you hoping to do with it.

When I gave a presentation back in February to my consultant’s group, based on my ebook Using Your Website As A Marketing Tool, I showed them some examples of bad business websites, and how they would drive traffic away rather than invite business in any fashion. A couple of days ago I shared some websites people probably don’t know, and one of them,, is kind of an aggregator of news, as is Alltop. Their layouts are different, yet aren’t all that bad to look at.

Well, I wanted to share this one as a bad idea on how to create a news aggregator. I’m not giving the name, because I’d rather not promote them any more than giving the link, but take look at this and tell me your thoughts on it. I can’t believe they’d be good. This person is definitely trying to capture news, of some sort, but is this something that actually pleases them, that they actually believe will please others? I’ll be interested in hearing your thoughts on it.

Next, I’ve talked about the website for Evan Carmichael before, especially in my article rant on massive traffic. Well, there’s a post on that site talking about the Top 50 Blogs For Startups In 2009, another list like the one I talked about in my post on the Nine Best Blogs. In this case, the writer lists 50 blogs that any new blogger should be following, saying that if those blogs are followed for a year that the new blogger will be much better off and have learned a lot about blogging within a year. I found the list to be interesting, moreso for the fact that I’d never heard of an overwhelming majority of them, which means I’m not following them. It gives me something to think about, as I look to continue to improve my blog and my standing in the blogosphere. So, it’s something else I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on after you’ve taken a look at the list. Once again, it’s American-centric, as Problogger isn’t on the list.

Finally, something “touching” and funny at the same time. As we’ve just passed St. Patrick’s Day, the spirit is still in some people, and it’s with that in mind that I share this little “tribute” to St. Patrick’s Day, courtesy of my favorites, The Muppets: